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Dexter Season 7 Premiere Recap: "Are you…?"


If you’re like me, you’ve been biting your nails (not literally, because that sounds painful) waiting for Dexter to come back and finally give us some answers from that heart attack inducing finale. The show is finally back on Showtime and if you have sat through the last six seasons, it looks like this is one season not to miss, especially since we know it is not the last one and there are lots of exciting twists and I’m sure plenty of cliffhangers ahead.

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 For the season premiere, if you thought we’d pick right up from where we left off: Deb walking in on Dexter’s dark passenger with none other than the Doomsday killer himself on the table, you’re wrong. Dexter is on the run, heading for Miami’s international airport, his cards are all being declined, but he has plenty of cash hidden under his trunk. He’s ready to fly to Budapest.

 Flashback to the last scene from the finale, Deb walking in on him. It’s weird to see Dexter so out of control (or pretending to be) like he seems to be in this scene. Deb wants him to get a lawyer and plead temporary insanity, but he can’t tell her what an investigation on him would bring up. He takes control of the situation and talks Deb into pretending Travis Marshall (AKA Doomsday) has killed himself. They agree to set the place on fire, Deb leaves to get gas, but as Dexter is cleaning up his scene, his signature trophy, his blood sample on a microscope slide falls from the altar into a drain and goes unnoticed by him. (Plot point alert).

 Next morning, they all get called to the crime scene, Deb is clearly uncomfortable, but helps Dexter remove a piece of plastic that somehow survived the fire. There’s a big press conference outside and it’s Deb’s time to shine so they head out, except for LaGuerta, who notices a little shiny thing on the drain, and guess what? Dex’s little trophy was found.

 Dexter is home from work and as he walks into his apartment, he finds Louis, the guy Harrison’s nanny is dating who seems to be a fan of Dexter’s less public work, is there; supposedly waiting for his girlfriend, but he has been using Dexter’s laptop. Once they leave, Dexter rushes to check on his trophies, and just then realizes the one for Travis is missing.

 Back to creeper Louis, he’s now at his apartment, trying a lot of number combinations on Miami Capital Bank’s website. They are credit card numbers and one by one, Louis is cancelling Dex’s cards. His girlfriend calls him weird. Things are not looking up for this dude.

 Deb gets a call from Mike Anderson, Deb’s first hire to Miami Metro, he realizes that Travis’ car wasn’t at the scene and he will be looking into it in the morning. Things seem to be looking up for Dexter, however, Mike runs into a guy who has a flat, and a dead body in the trunk. This anonymous guy instantly shoots the detective (who I was secretly hoping would be the next Doakes).

Next morning, Deb goes see Dex and she has questions. Why was he so prepared? Clothes, plastic wrap, gloves, a full set of knives. He tells her it’s because of his job, that it’s part of his kit, and he wants to leave it at that, but she doesn’t seem very pleased with his answer. She’s a part of this. She leaves after hearing about Mike, and Dexter grabs the secret getaway bag he had in the beginning of the episode, he has foreign currency  and a Canadian passport. He doesn’t want to leave, but it might be his only option.

Mike is definitely dead and they are investigating the woman that anonymous guy had in his trunk. Deb is watching Dexter closely as he explains how she died. He doesn’t like it, she’s obviously suspicious. They are ready to leave the crime scene and Deb is still keeping an eye on him; she seems to be having some kind of PTSD-related flashbacks to watching Dexter kill Travis.

Back at the station, Deb wants to see the ice truck killer’s case files. (Well, crap). The plastic, the crime scene, it all matches what she remembers when she had been tied down to the table herself, and what she saw at the church.

The woman in the trunk was a Ukrainian stripper, they are investigating the case, but Dexter is the only one with the real lead: he has a print he snuck out of the car’s turn signal that matches the possible killer’s, but he’s not on any of the U.S. databases. Dexter checks Interpol, but is interrupted by Deb, telling him about her flashback when she was at the ice truck killer’s table. She’s freaking out about how perfectly Dexter duplicated his brother’s work, and Dexter is growing anxious. She wants it to make sense and he tells her it won’t. They get back to work and she asks if he got a match on the fingerprints. Dexter tells her not yet, but just as he leaves the room, he gets one for Viktor Baskov, also Ukrainian.

Dex leaves to investigate the other killer and Deb goes snoop into his office, but seeing a picture of the two of them and Harrison as Dexter’s background makes her stop.

He finds the apartment and the evidence that Vikor is the killer and thanks to the laptop he left behind, Dexter knows he’s on his way back to Ukraine in less than two hours. We’re back to the first scene of the episode with Dexter buying his ticket. In his getaway bag, Dex has his injections, which he tells airport security is for diabetes and manages to get in without a problem. (Worst airport security ever). But as soon as he is in, he’s on the hunt for Viktor and spots him right away.

Batista and Quinn are at the strip club investigating the murder and Quinn seems to know the club owner, he calls him a scumbag instantly, and it looks like he’s right since the guy could care less one of the strippers is dead. Quinn is in the opposite corner, investigating the strippers themselves and not making much progress either since they seem instructed not to talk.

Back to Dexter, who decided to follow Viktor into the airport’s bathroom (Is that really the best plan, Dex?). He sets up the ‘closed for cleaning’ sign and makes his way inside with a wheelchair. He uses his injection and Viktor is out and on said wheelchair. Dexter takes him away from the crowds, and into the unclaimed luggage room (A much better option than a public bathroom, in a busy airport, in the middle of the day).

Unsurprisingly, Batista and Quinn found nothing on their investigation, with the exception of some blood in the parking lot, but they are not sure it belongs to the victim either. Deb wants all clubs shut down until someone talks. The two of them are stressed out, so they want to go for drinks, but Deb decides to sit this one out. Batista gives Quinn crap about his drinking problem and tells him he needs to get his life together, he admits he didn’t ask for a transfer for Quinn last season like he said he had. He just wants Quinn to shape up.

Dex’s toy victim is finally waking up, the cop killer, but the stripper counts, too. Viktor offers money, tells Dexter he has friends in high places and that he shouldn’t be doing this. But Dexter has heard it all and he tells Viktor that he has to do it to keep control.

The club owner calls someone who looks important and has a lot of Apple toys all over his big mansion, he tells the rich dude that Viktor will be back in Ukraine soon, that the dead cop is still a problem, but that he will take care of it. The rich guy seems satisfied with that information and we’re back to Dexter.

He hides Viktor’s body in a surfboard bag and takes him out of the airport without a problem. Killing helps him relax, helps him center himself and maybe things don’t have to change with Deb. But she isn’t doing so well. Back at her apartment, she is working out hard, and she seems pretty disturbed and unfocused as she runs. She freaks out and calls Dexter’s house, but Jaime (the nanny) picks up and tells him he’s at work, that he told her he’d be out all night because of Mike’s shooting. Except Masuka told Deb earlier that he was working late and Dexter would be taking the earlier shift. Jamie tells Deb that Dexter works crazy hours, a lot of times until three or four a.m.

Meanwhile, Dexter is back at his boat and things seem to be going his way this time. Flashback to little Dexter, he was about to tell Deb the truth about why the puppy she got had to be taken away, but Harrison (the dad) stops him and tells Deb it’s because Dexter is allergic to dogs. He pulls Dexter aside and tells him he should never tell her the truth because she would be very upset if she knew what he really is. He says his sister loves him, but his dad tells him she loves who she thinks he is (Awesome parenting right there).

Dexter dumps Viktor’s body and he decided that his only mistake was stepping outside the code and not killing Travis sooner, because compassion does not fit him.

Back to Deb and she’s studying the ice truck killer pictures once again, except this time, she remembers Bryan trying to kill her and Dexter stopping him.

At Miami Metro, Masuka is still there and so is LaGuerta. They are working late and Mike’s case is priority, but she wants to know if anyone went through the material from the church yet. Masuka tells her no, they are all still in boxes, including Dexter’s slide. She wants to know if anyone who works crime scenes ever takes blood slides, he tells her no, that only one person who ever worked at Miami Metro ever took them: Sergeant Doakes (Doakes!) because of his side gig as the Bay Harbor Butcher. LaGuerta doesn’t really buy that answer, so she slides a hand over the counter and grabs the slide from the table on her way out, unnoticed by Masuka.

Dexter is feeling calmer and in control again as he heads home, but as soon as he walks in, he sees a very distressed Deb sitting in his living room, papers, pictures and (more importantly) his knife collection are all over the living room along with the ice truck killer’s souvenir hand that Louis sent him last season and his blood sample collection. She asks him if he killed all those people. He says he did. She asks him if he is a serial killer. “Yes.”

Is it next Sunday yet?

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