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Revenge Season 2 Premiere Recap: “Destiny”



Judging from the premiere, this season things might even more complicated in the Hamptons!

In true Revenge style, the story began with Emily going through what appeared to be some underwater wreckage. Jack’s boat, so lovingly named Amanda, was one of her discoveries. So what exactly has led to these events? Looks like we won’t get to find out because we’re going back in time to three months ago, just like the writers promised.

This led us to Emily training with Takeda, a seriously scary type of training that left her tied to a pole underwater in the ocean. The training worked in her favor, bringing about repressed memories of her mother being in a mental institution. Say what?! Takeda, who has been recasted just in case you were caught off guard, approved of this training while Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome sidekick did not. There’s a story here and I need to know all of it… and see him shirtless at least two or three times. Unfortunately, Emily is from the discovery that her mother is alive, leaving her a little edgy, so much that she told Takeda off and threw Mr. Handsome around. Poor, Em.

Meanwhile, back in the Hamptons, Jack and Amanda aren’t exactly the happy, expectant couple. Her belly is huge and Declan is annoying and Jack is broke, so there’s a lot of trouble brewing in paradise.

Victoria is (currently) dead. Rehabbed Charlotte missed her funeral. Daniel’s taken up excessive drinking. Conrad is rather joyful. And try hard Ashley is trying to make her way into the family. I think you guys know how I feel about this. Conrad is determined to make the best of Daniel’s grief by getting his trust fund invested in the family company. That sounds like a fantastically bad idea, which means Daniel will probably say yes. He’s forever trying to be the prodigal son. You’d think he’d have learned by now.

Training gone awry, Emily went back to New York where she found Nolan, who’s been toughening up with some boxing lessons. No more Tyler-like knife attacks for him. Emily explained the repressed memories she’s had and that she’s found the hospital where her mother was. The two go on one of their typical investigative adventures and find her mother’s records and the room where Emily remembered visiting her. Never mind that hospital records would have likely been destroyed or that if someone really wanted to cover up what happened to her mother, they would have at least destroyed hers. Never freaking mind. I’m just going to go with this, but please tell me I’m not the only one who thought of this. Anyway, records reveal her visitors, one Charlotte Clarke, which was a direct link to Victoria. She would know what Victoria would be. After all, crazies tend to think alike.

Back at her house, Emily shared the camera footage she had of Victoria telling Conrad that David was telling his not-so-dead wife he wanted a divorce. Emily needs to find out what they did to her mother, which means getting close to the Graysons again. Daniel is not an option. Insert Charlotte. Emily’s sent her postcards during her worldly travels – because she’s her sister? Or because she wanted to keep her close? I really look forward to the day the truth comes out because there is so much story here. If anyone can save Charlotte from her psychotic family, it’s Emily.

Nolan and Jack reunited in a beautiful moment on the docks. Yes, I am forever shipping these two because Nolan is so clearly in love with him and that almost makes me like Jack. Sorry, Jack and Emily shippers, I just can’t be on your side – at least not until he gets rid of the pregnant Amanda and that child and grooms himself. Just sayin’.

Emily is later reunited with Amanda and the two have their usual Jack doesn’t know who you really are and if he finds out everything is ruined conversation. Jack arrived and let his doe eyes wander over Emily.

On the other side of the world in Japan, we learned that Emily wasn’t supposed to be back in the Hamptons. Takeda’s handsome friend vowed to bring her back and I approve this. The real question though is why does Takeda want to keep her in Japan? What is this mission he refers to? And is Takeda a good or bad guy? Especially since he’s been in contact with Amanda.

Emily doesn’t seemed to concerned about Takeda or his sidekick. She’s busy attending Victoria’s memorial on a yacht. How fitting! My heart stropped when Emily arrived in a bright red dress, raised her hand, and there was a flashback to Daniel’s proposal. Conrad is Team Daniel and Emily and dislikes Ashley. I approve this. Unfortunately, this did not work in his favor. Daniel stood up to daddy and told him he was keeping his trust. Burrrrrn. Conrad was so flustered that he had to angrily button his jacket and walk away… and find Charlotte to manipulate. He’s a master, just like his maybe late wife.

On the boat, Emily gave Ashley a polite smile and hug. I would have scratched her eyes out, but that’s just me. Daniel interrupted, taking his stance next to Ashley and making a point to let Emily know they are together. He’s doing this because his heart hurts, so I’m alright.

They weren’t the only ones dealing with complicated entanglements. Amanda confronted Jack about his distance and they have some silly talk about being a family. Amanda is mostly grateful that her free ride will continue, even if it means being awful to Declan. Except I don’t like Declan, so this is kind of okay.

The memorial culminates with Ashley’s speech. Victoria, if dead, is rolling over and over and over in her grave because she always knew how basic Ashley is. Thankfully, Charlotte interrupted and sort of said nice things, except kind of turned the attention to her. How Charlotte of her. Her freedom is short-lived because she tested positive for vicodin.

And then… OH MY GOD. Emily is standing on a doorstep and Victoria is on the other side. I knew my Hampton Queen had not left us. We couldn’t survive without her. Emily told Victoria what happened with Charlotte and how she thinks her father wants to keep her locked up. Victoria, like the HBIC she is, calls the hospital, but her secret phone line to her daughter is discovered. Victoria reveals, what we all kind of assumed last spring, that she’s basically in witness protection. Meanwhile, we learn that Conrad wants power of attorney over Charlotte’s trust fund. Emily, as the only one who knows Victoria is alive and her sister needs her help, is forced to make some serious decisions here. She’ll help, but is it only because she needs information from Victoria?

Jack interrupted Emily and Nolan plotting to get a camera in Victoria’s cabin. He apologized for Amanda and mentioned Sammy and things are supposed to be sweet, but I just do not care. And when Jack confessed he and Amanda were naming the baby after their fathers, my head spun out of control. Jack is so… Jack. Emily tried to steer him in the right direction by asking if the baby was his and Jack ran straight to Amanda and asked her. Someone get Maury on the phone.

In the end, Emily rushed back to Victoria’s with information on Charlotte’s doctor, who is a dirty, awful person. Busted! And on Emily and Victoria’s bad side – ouch! Ashley tried to drag Daniel to bed, but he wasn’t having. Victoria called Charlotte, but hung up. Amanda knew she was going to lose her free ride. And Daniel watched Emily standing on the docks, which made my heart jump out of my chest. Nothing else matters.

Oh, and that crazy white haired guy from season one is back and Victoria is going to have him kill Emily. S@%! just got real! Emily didn’t seem too worried. Are you? What did you think about the premiere? Sound off in the comments below! 

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