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'The Good Wife' Recap: "Anatomy of a Joke"


I’m not sure about anybody else, but I laughed a whole lot during last night’s episode of “The Good Wife.” Not at it, but at what was going on in it. So, that’s a good thing. There were a few little things that made me feel like they were placed there for a reason. A foreshadowing of things to come, you might say. I wonder if I’m the only one who caught them…

Can we talk about the penis with the Brazil shaped birthmark for a minute? I mean, seriously, how did the writers expect us to pay attention to anything else after that? I loved Alicia’s reaction. Her cracking up made me laugh even more. Right away, Peter and Eli assume that his Republican opponent, Mike Kresteva, is responsible for this penis birthmark rumor getting out. They were wrong. Turns out it was Maddie Hayward. At least they think so since they saw Indira Starr (you know, Peter’s new “alleged” affair) leaving Maddie’s place of residence. Speaking of Maddie… It was revealed today that Maddie is sleeping with her aide, who is a female. Did anyone else get the vibe from her in earlier episodes that she was romantically interested in Alicia? I did. And now I see why.

Let’s see. What else happened? We met Cary’s dad….who is a jerk. Cary and Alicia headed to Washington, D.C. with their client Therese Dodd (guest star Christina Ricci) to meet with multiple FCC commissioners to plead their clients case. I know this was the “big thing” of the episode, but it’s not as interesting as the rest of what was going on. Back to Cary’s dad. Turns out he threw Cary out when he turned 18 and never looked for him after that. Until now. Why? He needs something. Poor Cary thought what he had to talk to him about was important so he was concerned. He just wanted Cary to ask Diane to put in a good word for him for a new position he wants. I know how you feel, Cary. Believe me.

Speaking of Diane… Realizing that Clarke was meeting with prospective buyers for the firm and that someone they dislike very much, Burl Preston, was interested, she and Will enlisted the help of David Lee to make sure it didn’t happen. And help, he did. Upon learning that Diane and Will redid David’s contract to read that as soon as the firm was bought out, David was free to go, Burl rescinded his offer to buy and wished them luck (I’m sure I have the wording of the new contract incorrect, but it’s the same idea).

In last week’s episode, Alicia helped on a military rape case involving Captain Laura Hellinger (guest star Amanda Peet). This week, Alicia finds out that Laura has left the military and is searching for a job. When Peter calls to ask her to speak to the press regarding the whole, um, penis birthmark, she in turn asks him to consider Laura for Cary’s old position. Peter hired her. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel like something is going to come from this. And not something good, either.

If I had any doubts about this show slowly getting better, the promo for next week dashed those doubts away. Looks like we have some intense stuff coming up and I cannot wait! What about the rest of you? Do you think Maddie has the hots for Alicia? Or how about the Laura working for Peter thing? Do you, like me, think something is going to happen there? Hit the comments below and share your thoughts. Until next time…

Chrissie Ortiz
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