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'Dexter' Recap: "Chemistry"


Last week’s Dexter ended with a bang (terrible pun is intended). He was about to kill Hannah when he had a change of heart and decided to sleep with her instead.

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The episode picks up right after it left off, with Hannah and Dexter on his table. Chemistry, some people have it. She grabs his knife and presses it to his neck, she wants to know why he was going to kill her. He kills bad people and she fits the general description. Cue to more sex.

Meanwhile, Deb’s date is a lot tamer. She is at her apartment with Sal and apparently they ended up spending the whole date talking about Hannah. They agree to work together to try and find Hannah’s other victims and after a goodnight kiss, she sends him on his way.

Dexter is driving Hannah home and tells her this can’t happen again. She agrees and asks if he’s still planning on killing her, he tells her if he was, they wouldn’t be having this conversation. When he drops her off, he noticed he’s being watched, Sal is there. Dexter plays the lab geek who is in way over his head. He offers to go on the record about Wayne’s last words and what he said, if Sal is willing to keep this about Hannah quiet.

LaGuerta hit a dead end on the Bay Harbor Butcher, she wants to brainstorm with Deb, see if they missed something. But Deb is smart about it, she says she thinks they haven’t, that they just don’t want to accept that Doakes had a dark side. LaGuerta says maybe she is right and Deb leaves “I’m fucking going to hell”.

With one issue down, Dex is looking into his newest one, Sal. He doesn’t seem to have a dark side of his own, at least not one he can use. Deb comes into his office and talks about the discrepancies on his blood analysis and on Sal’s tech’s analysis. She wants him to test the blood drops for Wayne’s DNA. He BSs Deb but she calls him on it, says he is trying to save Hannah for his table. He says he will have it tested if she wants him to.

Batista is the next one to come into Dexter’s office. Isaak’s attorneys are on their way to check on the blood samples. Masuka comes in and tells them the evidence is gone. LaGuerta is pissed, Batista is going to check the logs and Dexter is going to try to collect another sample. Except the crime scene has been covered with sewage and it’s going to be hard to find anymore blood. Batista pulls Quinn outside to talk, asks him why he was in the evidence room, Quinn lies and Batista lets it go, because he knows Quinn wouldn’t do this. Dexter calls Deb and tells her they probably won’t find anything, she warns him not to go after Isaak, that she will take care of it.

Sal comes into her office, with the address of Hannah’s ex-husband’s sister, Laurie. She is going to talk to the woman herself and tells Sal he can’t tag along, he’s trying to flirt with her and she is shutting him down hard.

Stupid Quinn is with his stripper girlfriend, she had been sent to one of the other clubs. She wants to know if he did something to keep her there. He promises her that soon she’s never going to have to worry about those people again.

Isaak is being released, George is there to pick him up and asks him if he is leaving for Kiev, Isaak says Miami is still overcrowded by one.

Deb is talking to Laurie about exhuming her brother’s body. She tells Deb that Hannah and her brother got along and that Hannah had been pregnant but lost the baby after his death and cut everyone out. Deb promises to find out what happened with her brother, as long as she’s willing to help.

Meanwhile, Sal is stalking Hannah. He’s asking her to write the authorized biography of Hannah McKay. She tells him to fuck off. He says he will have to get creative, that maybe she went to poisons and that Dexter is covering up for her. She pauses at that, says they will talk, as long as he leaves Dexter out of this. As soon as he’s alone, Sal calls Dexter and tells him he wants to hear about Wayne’s last minutes. And Dexter managed to find some suspicious murders that Sal covered, that might be linked to him after all.

Quinn is talking to George, telling him to let Nadia go now that Isaak is free. George wants to keep their deal up, but Quinn wants them both to be free of him. George tells Quinn to be careful about his next move and what it means to his and Nadia’s futures.

Speaking of bad choices, Dexter is over at Hannah’s. They tell each other about their meetings with Sal. Hannah asks if Dexter will handle him like he did her, and Dexter says he only deals with killers, that that is his code. She tells him he needs to admit he enjoys killing, says she doesn’t, that it’s just survival of the fittest for her. He says he will take care of Sal, tells her to consider it a goodbye present.

Deb is exhuming Hannah’s ex’s body. Laurie is there with her. But there is no tissue left on the body, and they can’t run the tests on bones. Deb goes meet up with Sal after, tells him Hannah chose not to embalm the body. He tells her he will interview Hannah later and that he might be able to get something.

Hannah’s house, Sal is there for the interview and before they start, she tells him he will forget about Dexter. He agrees.

Over at Sal’s, Dexter is there to pick up some of his DNA. He is done with that part, and heads over to Sal’s computer. He wants to delete all of the files on Hannah but Harry is there to remind him that isn’t about her. But Dexter deletes the whole thing anyways. But it might not matter because it sounds like Hannah is telling him everything, that Wayne gave her a knife and told her to guard the woman. But the woman attacked Wayne to protect her husband, so Hannah went after her. She is crying by the time she’s done telling him, sobbing, so he suggests a break.

Dexter is at a restaurant and Isaak shows up, takes the seat in front of his. He promises Dexter that he won’t be so blinded by vengeance that he will make a mistake again. Dexter tells him about Roadrunner and how the Coyote never manages to catch him. He says he wants to know what drove Dexter to kill Viktor, that he doesn’t think it was vengeance. He says he is the kind of person who crushed his friend’s skull with a fire extinguisher and that he will do the same to Isaak. Isaak says Dexter will regret sharing that with him.

Sal shows up at Dexter’s for the interview. Dex wants to pitch a story idea for him first, it’s about new DNA evidence on one of the women Sal wrote a book on. Says that the writer was the killer. Sal gets angry about what Dexter is saying, he stands up but seems to be in pain, chest pain. Hannah strikes again. He drops to the ground and Jaime is there too, Dex tells her to call 911. Batista, Masuka, Quinn and Deb are all there investigating Sal’s death. Dexter tells Deb what happened and she knows Hannah poisoned him instantly. She is gonna pick Hannah up for questioning and Hannah will not get away with it this time.

Hannah seems calm when she gets in, Dexter wonders why. Deb is doing the interrogation and she gets straight to the point, calls Hannah a killer and tells her what she knows. Hannah says sometimes people die, and Deb asks if that’s what happened to her husband. She survived Deb’s questioning, but Dex doesn’t know if she will make it through his.

He goes over to her place. The second she opens the door she tells him she had to do something. She apparently poisoned one of Sal’s pen, the one he like to chew on. Dexter tells her he took care of the book. She tells him she killed her husband because she wanted her to get an abortion, but she had a miscarriage anyway. She says they are looking out for each other, that that is big for people like them. Dexter seems to agree because he kisses her.

At the station, Quinn has a check for 10K, he hands it to Batista, for his restaurant. Meanwhile Deb is looking at Sal’s belongings, including the recorder he had on him with Hannah’s confession. Masuka comes back with the toxin results and none were found.

LaGuerta is still looking into the Butcher case, she has a list of boat registrations. Then at a list of cops, and she stops at Dexter’s name.

Deb is back at her home, she’s listening to Hannah’s interview.

And Dexter is spending the night at Hannah’s, she’s asleep and he’s laying next to her. He can’t seem to stay away from her. “Is this what love feels like? Is this how it begins?” His phone rings and it’s Deb telling him Hannah killed Sal. She’s gonna walk and they both know she’s gonna kill again. She wants justice, Dexter’s justice. Rock, hard place.

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