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'Homeland' Recap: "The Cleaning"


Carrie was last seen crying on Brody’s shoulder at the last few moments of last week’s Homeland after she learned that the cops sent to Gettysburg to investigate the tailor’s shop were murdered.

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This week’s picks up with Brody jogging, and Roya is at the park waiting for him. She is talking about Gettysburg, they got what they needed. She needs Brody to meet with someone but doesn’t tell him who. But she says things will happen very fast now. She tells Brody to be very nice to Walden in an upcoming fundraiser. Carrie listened to the whole conversation and made notes.

Saul is visiting someone in prison, Aileen, the woman from season 1 that had her husband killed and ran to Mexico after they were involved in a terrorist attack. Saul tells her he needs some help. They meet in a room with a window and she keeps staring outside, she doesn’t have one in her cell. Saul shows her a picture of the guy Roya was meeting up with last week. She knows him, but she wants a deal before she talks. She asks for a cell with a window.

Peter is alive (yay!) and Carrie is visiting him at the hospital and telling him about Brody’s talk with Roya. She thinks Walden is the target. The thing that got moved from the shop by the shooters wasn’t radioactive but it might be C4. Peter removes his IV and is discharging himself.

Dana and Finn are in the backseat of a limo and Chris is with the driver in front. Dana tells Finn she went to the funeral of the woman they killed. She wants to tell. Finn says it’s bad enough for their parents as is. If he’s not gonna tell, she will, so he agrees to tell together. Jess and Brody are in a separate limo. Brody says Chris told him Mike was over, Jess says Mike told her Brody killed Tom. He tells her the CIA used Brody to reach him and it got messy, so he had a part in it.

They all get to the fundraiser Roya was talking about, including Walden and his wife. Brody stays outside and calls Carrie, demanding to know how Jess and Mike know about Walker. She promised to take care of it, but Brody saw Estes arriving and hung up on her, he is there to chaperone him.

Peter is already back with Carrie at the survaillence house, he says he thought Saul was handling Mike and Carrie. She is going to check on Mike and Peter suggests she goes to Brody after, he’s their only play.

Saul is talking to the warden, who seems to be very bitter that Saul gets to play with the CIA and he doesn’t. He says he has the power over the prison, and Saul doesn’t, so Saul says he will have orders sent.

Carrie and Mike are meeting up, she suggests taking a seat outside. She opens up hard and says she shouldn’t have to give Mike the lay of the land since he was already told to stand down. She tells him there is a terrorist attack on the horizon and that Brody is essential to stop it. And then she tells Mike is emotional about Brody because he’s in love with his wife. Wow. Is this when they agree to team up and break them up? She tells Mike to stop trying to talk to Jess about this, to stand by because sometime soon, Jess and the kids might need him. He agrees, and before she leaves she tells him she hopes he gets what he wants. Heh.

At the fundraiser house, there is a pool party and a woman is asking Brody what it was like to be tortured for eight years as if she’s talking about Jersey Shore. Chris asks Brody if he wants to swim but with all the scars, he doesn’t take his shirt off and tells him later. Inside the house, Estes gets to explain to Walden what happened in Gettysburg, he tells him they are on it.

Back at Supermax, Saul tells Aileen she was right about the warden being a bastard. So he is going over his head. She says she’s not going to talk until she has her cell, freaks out then apologizes for becoming the person she has.

Brody is talking to the owner of the house where they are all spending the weekend, Rex,  and he is showing him his horses. He apologizes for the crazy at the pool, tells Brody he was in the Navy. He said coming home was hard, like for Brody. Brody says not to call him a hero, all he did was not die. He tells Brody that people need that, though. He also says he doesn’t care for Walden, he’s ignorant, he hasn’t seen war. Rex wants to see Brody with Walden, and wants to see him become president in eight years. Brody says he’s not that man. He just smiles and leaves Brody alone.

Carrie calls Brody as soon as he’s alone. Tells him to take the trail behind the stables. She’s there, tells him Mike will leave it alone. She asks about Roya but he doesn’t want to think about it. Brody tells her about his talk with Rex, how he was a real soldier, and didn’t lose himself. Brody wishes he was like him, Carrie says it doesn’t always works out the way they want, reaches for his hand and they start kissing. GDI, Carrie. He asks if this is for real, she says she doesn’t know, she doesn’t want him to feel used and they kiss again. He says he does feel used, but two minutes with her and he feels good. He asks her how she pulls that off, then walks away.

Back at the pool part, Finn is going through empty tables and drinking leftover alcohol from the glasses, because the VP’s son is classy that way. He tells Dana it’s liquid courage, she wants to go tell them now. He wants to pick a moment, he and Dana start arguing and their moms come over. So Dana just blurts out “we killed someone.” The four of them go inside, Dana tells the whole story, Finn has to leave and Jess sends Dana to the room. Cynthia tells Jess this needs to be dealt with in a certain way, says she will take care of it. Jess says she doesn’t know, she needs to talk to Brody.

At Supermax, Saul is waiting for the call from the attorney, but Peter is ready to go when they have a name. Meanwhile, he’s sharing some bread, cheese and wine with Aileen. They talk about the roadtrip back from Mexico, when she got arrested. About how Saul was having troubles with his wife. He gets a call, the order has been given and she gets her window. She gives him a name, and he heads to call Peter.

Back at the house, Brody is alone by the pool and finally goes for a swim. Meanwhile, Cynthia and Walden are talking about Finn. Cynthia already talked to Estes and he is going to deal with DC Metro, but that she’s worried about what Jess will do. Jess finds Brody and tells him about what happened. Dana finds Finn leaving and apologizes for him being in trouble. He knows how it goes, and he liked her because she didn’t. She doesn’t get him. She tells him they are going to report it, and he gets in the limo and leaves.

All the men invited are in a room, drinking and smoking because this is the 1910s. Rex is making a speech about Brody, talking about how he is the surprise, and how he thinks a Walden/Brody ticket would make the future truly bright.  After the speech, Brody pulls Walden aside and asks what they are going to do about Dana and Finn. Walden tell him to stick with the program, that they will clean it up.

Peter is headed to Jersey to look at the location Aileen gave him. The FBI team moves in and find out the guy is the son of Aileen’s family head of security. A musician. She duped them. Saul gets off the phone with Peter and goes back to the interrogation room Aileen had been in. She used the glass from the glasses Saul had let her borrow to slit her throat. She’s not going back to that cave. And she’s gone.

At the house, Brody tells Dana they are going to the police station. Estes sees them leaving and calls Carrie, he thinks he’s about to blow this thing, tells her to get in the car.

Saul is back at the surveillance house with Peter. He got emotional, he wanted to believe her.

Carrie is already at the police station when Brody and Dana get there. She tells him he can’t report it, he can’t alienate Walden and the deal will be off if he tells. Dana gets out of the car, Carrie introduces herself. Brody tells Dana they can’t do this right now, and Dana asks if it’s because Carrie said so. Carrie says it’s really complicated. Dana Calls BS, says he makes her sick. She takes off and Brody yells at Carrie saying none of this is okay. Should have thought of that before you agreed to play in the terrorist sandbox, Brody.

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