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'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: "Crucifixed"


The Sons of Anarchy recap is back this week as things continue to fall apart for the men of SAMCRO.

Picking up where we left off last week, Jax is following Juice around and sees him being brought in for questioning.  So Juicy Juice is busted, and the poor little bastard has no idea yet.

Gemma is walking around like someone stole her pot and called her ugly. Chibs asks her how she is doing, and she’s not really feeling all that spectacular. She knows everyone hates her now, and her love life has turned to shit. I love that everyone tells Chibs everything….it also scares me how much they all need him, aka this bastard might die.

Tara just woke up Thomas by banging on a toy piano with her foot. OMG I HATE YOU! This just brought my hatred to a whole new level.

Roosevelt tells Juice that Jax knows he was the rat. He thinks he should get out of town, but Juice looks like someone just shaved his grandmother’s head right in front of him. What is poor Juice going to do?

Meanwhile, Jax and Bobby fill Chibs in on the RICO case and the situation with Juice. Everything is just plain falling apart. Chibs admits he knew Juice’s secret that his father was a black man. Jax and Bobby seem to care less, so Juice keeping that secret turned out to be pretty stupid. They decide not to announce his deceit to the club because things are already a mess and this makes things worse.

Tara is going to visit Otto again. I hope he sets her on fire. Juice visits Jax that same morning. He tells him that he knows that Jax knows that he is the rat. He explains that he was trying to protect the club, but has to admit to killing a fellow member when he got caught. Jax is not letting him off easy, and Juice realizes he has nowhere to run, and no one he can trust. Jax offers Juice a pardon if he can find out any information that links Clay to the Nomads. Juice admits that Frankie Diamonds admitted to him that Clay was a part of the group but there was no proof except some paperwork they returned to him. Jax wants Juice to find that paperwork, and Juice has no alternative but to now rat out Clay.

In other random news: One of the men who beat Opie to death in prison is being released. The Prospects are tailing him and informing SAMCRO of his whereabouts. Where do they let people out of jail early for beating people to death?

Tara gets a pretty sweet job offer….LEAVE. LEAVE! We don’t want you here. Take the kids and run, so Jax can find you and shoot you. Yes, I hate her.

The Mayor stops by the club and gives Jax a Charming Heights proposal. He wants to know who the potential investor is but Jax tells him he will know when the time is right. Jax wants the club to get a cut of the development deal, something the Mayor seems to be okay with. Chibs and Bobby are preparing to go after the guy who killed Opie. Jax prepares to leave with them, but neglects to tell them his deal with Juice after they ask him. Oooooooo. Jax is already lying to his club, and does not seem to care that he is doing so. He is turning into Clay more and more each day.

Otto tells Tara that he will make RICO go away, but he has one condition. He wants Tara to bring him his crucifix because he would like a moment with it. They will not let him keep it in jail, but he would like the chance to hold it and pray. Tara is one dumb ass bitch. This is the dumbest ploy to get a weapon in my life, and the bitch is failing for it.

Meanwhile, Clay has become suspicious of everything that’s been going on, so he visits a friend named Lenny in prison. Lenny confirms that Otto is testifying against SAMCRO in a RICO case. Clay is starting to put everything together and realizes what Jax has been hiding this whole time.

Unser has nowhere to live, so Gemma tells him he can stay at the clubhouse. She also tells him about Jax’s plan to have her get back together with Clay to destroy him. Why the hell is Unser still alive? This is bugging me.

So the boys track down the guy who killed Opie in jail to a bar occupied by SAMCRO alliance members, the Grimm Bastards (great name, by the way). Randall, the man in question, is actually their president’s cousin and has paid them to protect him. Randall runs away thinking his cousin has turned on him and starts shooting at the club, but manages to get away. Bobby explains to Jax that the friendship between the two clubs goes back 20 years, and Jax should make a compromise. Jax tells T.O.(Grimm Bastards leader), that they will not harm Randall, but they want the names of the other men who led the attack on Opie. They agree and part ways looking for Randall.

Tara gets Otto’s crucifix from Gemma and Gemma is surprised to learn that she is volunteering at the prison. I just love warm hearted moments of bitchiness, but this was completely lackluster.

Clay arranges a meeting with Romeo and the Mexican Cartel, where he calls them out on all the bullshit. He knows about the deal between the Mexicans and Jax, and how they are really working to bust the illegal arms ring. Clay has figured everything out. He tells them that they need him because Jax is working on Otto, so they will have zero leverage against Jax to work with them. The Mexicans realize they need Clay more than they need Jax. They want Clay to become the President again, which is something Clay seems not so eager to do.

Jax gives Pope the Charming Heights proposal and hopes he becomes an investor. Pope is like a proud dad when speaking about how much Jax has grown as a leader. This is seriously disgusting. I know Jax is always looking for Daddy figures, but seriously this guy has him by the balls. It’s pathetic. I think Pope is genius, but Jax has now become his lapdog and does not even realize it. Pope says the only thing stopping their partnership is Tig. Pope still wants Tig dead. Jax informs Pope of the Clay situation, and says once he has Clay, Pope can have Tig. So once Clay is dead, basically Tig is dead next. HOW DO YOU RUN A CLUB WITH NO MEMBERS??! Seriously! I get killing Clay, that makes sense, but now you are giving up another member, whilst potentially having to kill Juice too? It’s going to be Jax and Tara and Bobby sitting in a room at the end, completely bored!

Pope informs Jax of Randall’s whereabouts, and off Jax goes to take care of business. The Grimm Bastards are already at the location trying to get information from Randall. Jax gives T.O. his word that they will not kill Randall and just want to hear the names. Randall tries to run away again, but Jax catches him. He gives them the first names of the other inmates but does not know anything else. Chibs then shoots Randall in the head. T.O. is pissed that Jax lied, but Jax says that T.O. promised to deliver him but they did not. T.O. wonders who the hell Jax is anymore. That’s what I’m saying!! Bobby is not thrilled with what Jax has done. Jax says Bobby was not there to see Opie die so he has no say in the matter. Jax asks Chibs if he has his back because things are going to get bloody. Wait, GOING TO? Aren’t we already there? I mean this is some bloody shit! Chibs says he has always been there for Jax and always will be, because he loves him. This bromance will not die…but Chibs might.

Juice is looking for evidence against Clay, but instead just finds a fancy gun. Clay returns and asks Juice to watch his back. Well isn’t this a nice side by side scene. Jax has Chibs, who is loyal, and Clay has Juice, who is lying to him. Clay tells Juice that he is basically too old for all this shit, and it sounds like the once power hungry leader has now grown up. He does not seem to think the club is worth the chaos he has been creating. Gemma stops by with groceries, and Juice leaves the two of them alone. Clay kisses Gemma’s hand and thanks her, but she cries and stops him from kissing her. She tells them that they should not do this here, but that they should go home. Awwwwww, yeah she lying.

Tara gives Otto his crucifix. Nothing like a big old Jesus crucifix that is kind of pointy!! He asks Tara for a few minutes alone to pray. Tara leaves because she is truly the dumbest bitch on the planet.  Guess what Otto does??? He hides the crucifix and proceeds to beat up the guard and attack the nurse. Tara pleads with him to not kill her, but Otto stabs the nurse repeatedly in the neck. WAY TO GO TARA!

Juice tells Jax he found nothing at Clay’s place. He wants to know what happens to Clay when he does find something. Jax tells him that what will happen to Clay is the same thing that will happen to Juice if he does not find anything. Well, rude! Seriously, all these bastards are going to die, and there will be no club.

Clay is at the house with Gemma and they are preparing for bed. Gemma wonders why Clay is still in his clothes….Ewwwww. Clay tells her that the only good that came out of the chaos he created was that he realized the only thing he really ever cared about was Gemma. He is sorry he beat the crap out of her, and he does not want to have sex with her unless she wants to. Awww. He also says that he cannot lose her again, and she kisses him. These two really are my favorite white trash couple of all time.

Roosevelt asks Jax why he is keeping Juice alive. Roosevelt knows that Clay was behind the Nomad attacks, and Jax says that he agrees. So now Roosevelt and Jax are going after Clay. How Clay will survive this season is beyond me? I really do not see him living past the season finale.

Tara tells Jax what happened at the prison….while she is smoking pot. Worst, pothead ever by the way. She tells him that Otto will not be testifying in the RICO case because he has murdered a nurse…with the crucifix that Tara gave him. Tara is now an accessory to murder, and Otto has made sure Jax will suffer by losing Tara. I hope they give her the chair. Jax tells Tara that they will get through this because they always do and Tara replies that “that is what scares her.”

Tons of stuff has happened! Will Juice find the goods on Clay? Can Tara please get arrested and sent to women’s prison where she dies?  How will Jax fix his club that is falling apart more and more week after week? Find out next week on an all new Sons of Anarchy!

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