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'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: 'To Thine Own Self'


The club is dealing with the aftermath of last week’s episode, as Otto’s testimony is no longer acceptable in their RICO case. Is anyone else excited Tara might be in big trouble???? I have been telling you for weeks she sucks!

Tara is actually considering her fabulous job offer. Yes, please go away. She wants a life away from the club, but by Jax’s demeanor it is clear he is not considering leaving Charming any time soon. Yeah, but you can still go Tara. Bye!

Gemma and Clay are having more awkward time after they clearly spent the night together. For someone trying to get information out of Clay, Gemma stupidly gives Clay the information that Tara was working at the prison. Do the fumes from her hair dye go directly to her head, or was she just born stupid?

The Club’s lawyer explains to Jax that the RICO case is officially over since Otto murdered someone, but Tara still might be in big trouble. Jax is not happy about that, but I am still hoping she gets life in prison without parole of ever being on this show again.

Meanwhile, Otto is sitting in solitary when he gets a visit from some strange guy. The strange guy beats him with a stick and throws water on him to make sure he is still awake. Okay…….

Jax goes to the clubhouse and tells Gemma to find out what she can from Clay about the documents he had in his safe. Those documents prove he was working with the Nomads. He tells her everything about the pending RICO case and why he did not kill Clay. Why do these people tell everyone everything??? Clay calls Tig over for a visit, and asks Tig if he would be interested in business ventures outside of SAMCRO. Tig reminds Clay that they are really no longer as close as they once were because of Clay’s many indiscretions.

Over at the whorehouse, business is booming. However, Nero’s old crew is causing trouble. They want guns. Jax offers them a deal and they will all meet up later to make an exchange. Whorehouse problems are now solved! Thank goodness!

Gemma tries to trick Clay into giving over the documents. She makes up a fake story about losing Thomas’ birth certificate, but he does not fall for her trap. Gemma has just lost her mojo. This bitch used to be conniving and smart, and now she’s becoming useless. It’s pissing me off.

Unser is getting his chemotherapy when Tara pays him a visit. She asks if he would like to help feed the baby, so they walk together. He is too weak to really walk so they sit and have a chat. Tara talks about how much her life has changed, and how much she loves Jax. The best part of all this is when Unser pukes, because this whole conversation made me want to puke. Yes, I firmly believe it was Tara that made him puke and not the chemo. Tara is essentially admitting that she is not cut out for the life she signed up for by marrying Jax, and she wants different things.

Romeo and Clay meet up again. Romeo is still insisting Clay become the club president again, or else. Basically “or else” here means Jax will potentially die, but Clay is looking to stop that from happening. Yes, you read correctly, that Clay does NOT want Jax dead.

The gun exchange is going down and guess what?….. the Mexicans came already armed. SAMCRO gets attacked and bring on the weekly shootout!!! I remember the days these assholes used to just get drunk every episode and shootouts happened less frequently. Jax and his crew get away in their car which he has to crash down the side of a ravine. They survive the fall and drive away. Everyone seemed excited by their near death experience. I would have probably pooped my pants, but then again I am not in a gang so, go me!

Clay confronts Jax about everything. He admits that he turned down Romeo’s offer to take over and remove Jax from the president’s chair. Clay offers words of advice, but Jax gets infuriated by the numerous times Clay calls him “son.” Clay wants Jax to let the deal play out with the Cartel so he can get out of this life one day. While Clay has been greedy, selfish bastard over the years, I think he is genuinely trying to help Jax because he sees the huge change in him. 

Clay lets Romeo know that he needs more time to convince Jax to change his mind. Romeo tells him he has one more day, but tells his men that Clay could not come through so they have to take matters into their own hands. Oh Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou your sense of compassion and leaving the hot guy alone?!

Clay sees Nero and Gemma sharing a kiss goodbye. Dear Gemma….STUPID!

Tara is meeting with the doctor who has offered her the position in Providence. While the woman seems sure Tara will be turning it down, Tara makes it clear that she is very interested in taking the position. WHUT? OH! OMG LEAVE LEAVE LEAVE LEAVE!! I will help you pack!

Otto gets a visit from the guy who beat him up in jail. This time he is not wearing a prison uniform, but everyday clothing. I have no idea what is going on. This dude looks and sounds like he is in a cult. He might be a prison Scientologist. He tells Otto that he plans on making Otto’s life excruciatingly painful. Wait, when hasn’t Otto’s life NOT sucked? Is this guy for real? Whoever he is, he clearly has it out for Otto and perhaps SAMCRO in general. Great, just what they need.

Juice is searching Clay’s place again, and looking everywhere. Clearly Clay has hidden everything in his air conditioning vent. I know this because of the big zoom in on the vent……Ingenious! While Juice is searching, SAMCRO is meeting the the Chinese gang leader, Lin. Jax offers Lin the arms business, as SAMCRO is looking to get out of dealing guns. During the meeting, Juice calls Jax and tells him he found the papers in the vent. Jax wants him to call Chibs and Tig and wait for them so they can all meet there to confront Clay. Lin accepts Jax’s deal, so the Chinese will now be running guns instead of SAMCRO.

As Jax is preparing to catch Clay red-handed, the Mexicans kidnap him. Chibs, Tig, Juice and Clay are all at Clay’s house, when they receive the call that the Mexicans have taken Jax. They all rush to leave and Clay stays behind to take his medication, but really Clay has figured out that Juice had found the documents. This guy really has nine lives.

Nero goes looking for information about Jax’s whereabouts from his old crew. He kills some members looking for answers. That whole plan of being a good guy who just runs classy brothels is now out the window.

The Mexicans really did not kidnap Jax, it was Romeo and his men. Jax explains to Romeo that while RICO may have gone away, Jax will ensure the guns will still run, so the Cartel can eventually bust the Irish. Jax says that the Chinese will be running guns, instead of SAMCRO, and Romeo is intrigued to hear the details. So Jax has officially saved the day, and gotten SAMCRO out of the gun business unscathed.

The club holds a meeting where Jax explains why he lied to the club about the Cartel and the RICO charges. However, he has successfully removed the club from the drug and gun business. The Mayans will run the drugs, while the Chinese run the guns. It’s like the United Nations of Crime up in this bitch. The club unanimously supports Jax decision, and Clay looks on almost proudly that Jax has succeeded in pulling this whole plan off. However, Jax is now ready to expose Clay and have him killed. He asks Gemma to distract Clay for a few hours so he can set everything up.

Clay and Gemma are at home when a disheveled Nero shows up near tears. Nero is wondering if Clay knows anything about Jax. Clay explains that Jax is fine, and that Nero’s crew had nothing to do with it. Nero seems to breakdown as he realizes he killed those guys for no reason. I think it’s really sweet that the club has now ruined Nero’s life. The guy was a perky happy go lucky son of a bitch, and now he’s completely destroyed. Nero wants to know what is going on between Clay and Gemma. Gemma says she cannot explain but that she loves Nero. Ewwwww, you’ve known him a hot minute. Get over yourself.

Okay strange guy who might be in a cult is back, but this time he is following Tara. Okay if he kills Tara or makes her life miserable I may be in love with this dude.

Juice cannot find the documents (because Clay got rid of them already) and Jax headbutts him for being a moron and leaving Clay alone win the house. Bobby is mad that Jax used Juice to get to Clay, and wants him to drop all this Clay crap. Jax has no intention of doing that. He tells Bobby and Chibs that Clay was behind his father’s death, and that he killed Piney and tried to kill Tara because they knew he was a part of his death. Bobby later pays a visit to Clay. Clay wonders if he is there to kill him, but Bobby says that he is there to “keep him alive.”

How many times is Clay going to worm his way out of trouble? How will Bobby protect him? Who is this new guy stalking the club? How fast can we get Tara off the damn show? Find out next week on an all new Sons of Anarchy!


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