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'Days of our Lives' Previews: November 26 Edition


Next week on “Days of our Lives,” Gabi’s secret is out! Will is ready to step up and do the right thing, but Nick has other plans…and it could impact Will’s relationship with Sonny!

Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday we are publishing our previews earlier than usual.


Will has second thoughts about Gabi’s abortion, but he’s unable to get to her before she sees the doctor. Rafe and Sami realize what Gabi is up to and rush to find her! They run into Nick on the way out, who’s curious about their behavior. Back at the clinic, Gabi is emotional as the doctor assures her the procedure will be over soon. Sami and Rafe arrive at the clinic and he flips out when he sees Will. Will is about to tell Rafe he’s the father when an emotional Gabi comes out. Rafe is relieved when Gabi reveals she couldn’t go through with the abortion. Will is ready to admit he’s the father, but Nick arrives and leaves with Gabi.

Later, Nick confronts Gabi and accuses Chad of being the father! Meanwhile, Chad is upset when he learns Nick asked Sonny to get him to back off Gabi. Chad storms over to Gabi’s and interrupts her and Nick. Will shows up before Nick can spill his theory. Chad believes Nick learned the truth about Gabi and is amused at her pain. Will convinces Chad to leave; Gabi and Nick argue over her promiscuity. Will blurts out he’s the father, much to Nick’s astonishment and disbelief. After learning of Will and Gabi’s tryst, Nick suggests they keep this between them. No one can know – not even Sonny.

Sonny tries to get Will open up to him. Will struggles with coming clean before telling Sonny he can’t say because he promised Gabi he wouldn’t. Sonny is surprised and hurt that Will would make a promise to keep something from him, as he couldn’t imagine ever making such agreement to keep secrets from him. Later, Chad hints to Sonny that if he knew what Gabi had done, he wouldn’t let Will anywhere near her. Meanwhile, Nick believes he’s come up with a solution to all their problems…they should get married and tell everyone he, not Will, is the father! Before Gabi has a chance to respond, Will shows up! What will she do?


Eric is a confidant to John, Marlena and Caroline. Nicole is ready to make amends for her actions, but still harbors feelings for Daniel. Marlena and Kristen get into a fight after Marlena is caught breaking into Kristen’s room! Kate makes one last attempt at reconciliation with Stefano only to be rebuffed. Kate signs the divorce papers, unaware that Stefano still has feelings for her. Brady’s belief in Kristen’s change of attitude grows stronger. EJ encourages Chad to go after Gabi. Hope reveals to Roman and Kayla that Caroline and Bo are returning to Salem! Rafe is furious when he learns EJ is Sami’s boss and believes she deliberately kept it from him. Maggie blasts Jennifer for convincing Daniel to try an experimental medical procedure. Eric had a heartfelt reunion with Caroline, but wonders if she’s as healthy as she claims to be. Brady overhears Kristen confessing her feelings for him to a priest.


Will has an honest discussion with Eric about his sexuality. Things get physical between Brady and Kristen. Rafe is jealous when he spies a close moment between EJ and Sami.

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