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'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: "Darthy"


The penultimate episode of this season of Sons of Anarchy is upon us, as Clay is forced to face up to his past actions.

Jax begins this episode narrating his point of view to his children. He wants them to be proud of him, and to be just like his father. Honestly, he is doing a really sucky job. Dear Jax, you are nothing like your father, and he would not be proud of you right now. You are the spitting image of Clay two years ago. Wake the fuck up.

Bobby informs Jax that he is bringing Clay to the table, where Clay will admit to everything he has done. Clay tells the club his part in the Nomad business, and how his greed and pride got in the way. He was afraid Jax could not handle being President, but he was wrong, and admits Jax is a far better leader than he was. SAMCRO then takes a vote to determine what Clay’s fate shall be. The vote is unanimous that Clay lose his patch. However, when Jax puts the motion to have Clay killed on the table, Bobby votes no. The only way a member of SAMCRO can die is if the vote is unanimous, and Bobby’s sole vote saved Clay’s life.

Jax is furious and rushes outside where he beats the crap out of Clay. He is furious that Bobby made a deal with Clay to save his life. Bobby insists there was no proof of Clay’s actions, and this was the only way to have Clay out of the club. He also wanted to prevent Jax from becoming Clay. Yeah, too late. Bobby loves Jax, and he seems to be missing that point. He was trying to save Jax, but Jax just wants Clay dead. At the rate Jax is going he will not have any friends by the end of the season.

Gemma cleans up Clay’s face and he asks for a minute alone. When she leaves, Clay breaks down and cries. The big guy has finally lost everything that matter most to him: his spot in the club.

Tara is questioned about the incident with Otto. THROW HER IN JAIL AND KILL HER!

Pope and Jax meet up at the Charming Heights development where Pope is looking at the potential the land may offer business wise. Jax asks Pope his opinion on the Clay situation. Pope thinks Jax should arrange Clay’s death, but essentially find someone else to do it. Gee I wonder if he means Roosevelt? Duh. Does it annoy anyone else that Jax tells Pope everything? That’s not being a leader that is being a chump. This guy owns him, and he sees to be missing the bigger picture that he is not the President of SAMCRO, he is Pope’s bitch. Now that Clay is out, Pope wants Jax to give up Tig. If he does not, then Pope will go after Jax, the club, and everything Jax worked for this season will be over. Jax promises that he will give up Tig tomorrow.  If this were the old Jax, I would think he had a plan to save Tig, but this new Jax seems dead set on really getting rid of the loveable, but batshit crazy biker.

The gun deal goes down between Lin and Romeo. However, the deal hits a snag when Lin reveals that he needs time to get the guns into the country. This is not fast enough for the Cartel, so Jax will have to deal with the Irish again to get more weapons. Just when he thought he was out…Jax is right back in.

Earlier Tara’s lawyer asks her to think about writing a will to determine who will get custody of the kids should anything happen to her. Tara thinks to contact Wendy, Jax’s first wife. She tells her about the car accident, Gemma’s downward spiral, and about her job offer. She wants her to take care of the kids in case anything bad happens to her. She even lets her visit Abel. I think it’s really sweet Tara is already planning to ditch Abel if she needs to. Seriously, that’s what it really felt like, even if she didn’t say just that.

SAMCRO meet up with the Irish, and Galaan wants to know where Clay is. Bobby explains that Clay is out, and Jax tries to make peace with the man he had a fist fight with weeks ago. Things are going swell until Romeo busts up the party, and the Irish are not pleased. Both sides shoot at each other, until Romeo gets the advantage. Romeo takes the guns, and the Irish are furious with the club. Galaan warns Jax that the club will suffer because of what has just occurred. This concerns Jax, who calls for a total lockdown of all members back at the clubhouse, including Clay.

Nero is meeting up with his crew and…..WHY DOES DAVE NAVARRO LOOK LIKE THAT? No seriously, he was always different looking but what? Yikes. Okay so apparently his crew needs guns…..GEE I WONDER WHERE THIS IS GOING?! This seems like thrown together bullshit. I am not too thrilled with this Nero storyline, but whatever. Gemma shows up and strolls in like she owns the place. She tells Nero that she needs a doctor to look at Clay, and tells him how he is out of the club. The googley eyes they are giving to each other is nauseating. If this is love, it should come with a shot of penicillin.

Clay is going through his belongings, and gives Juice his gun. Juice is reluctant to take it, but Clay thinks he deserves it for being a loyal friend to him. I feel like this is not the last time we will see that gun. Tig picks them up and informs them of the lockdown.

Jax sees Abel with Wendy and is livid. He pulls her aside and she tells him that Tara knows all about the visit. She is being followed by someone, and when Jax goes to confront her outside, she has clearly been kidnapped.

The mystery man from last week visits Tara. His name is Lee, and he is the brother of the nurse that Otto killed. OHHHHH. He asks Tara about his sister’s final moments and what happened. He then casually brings up the fact that Otto knows Jax. Turns out Lee is a retired U.S Marshal who knows all about the RICO charges and Otto’s involvement with the club. If he kills her, he will be my favorite character. Tara tells Jax about Lee, and the reason she called Wendy. She fears she will be going to jail. I still think she SHOULD go to jail, because she is a basic bitch who deserves it.

Clay tells Jax that Galaan contacted him, and they have Wendy. They want their guns back and a ransom for Wendy. Nero offers a solution: he gives Jax his huge retirement stash. Jax is hesitant, but Nero informs Jax he is ready to go back to a life of crime. His men need guns, so the ransom is a down payment for the weapons. So Nero went from a reformed bad guy turned pimp to a pimp gang leader all within a matter of weeks. Jax really knows how to destroy everyone’s lives around him, and not just his.

Tig and Clay meet up with Galaan and give him the money, and they give up Wendy. Clay tells Galaan he intends to put together a crew to run guns since the club is no longer in the gun business. He wants to hide out in Belfast for a few months first, and asks Galaan if he can give protect him. He also wants to bring Gemma, and Galaan says he will help him get out of town. Clay tells Tig of his plans and is completely honest about his intentions. He wants to run guns for the money, pick up any business the club gives up, and have nothing to do with the club. Seriously Clay should be a career counselor at high school, this dude always has a plan.

Wendy is furious with Jax that she never knew that Abel was kidnapped. She plans on reporting her kidnapping, as well as Abel’s abduction, and will fight for custody. Get him Wendy!! Knock him off his high and mighty pedestal. Jax promises Tara that nothing bad will happen to her or the kids. She will not go to jail, they will not lose the kids, and everything is unicorns and rainbows. Is he on drugs? Talk about being a delusional asshole. Dude, your wife plans on leaving you, half your club is dead or betraying you, and you have your head up a guy named Pope’s ass. Jax wants Unser to investigate Lee, and I have a feeling Jax has no clue what he is in for with a retired rogue agent who wants them all dead. Bobby wants to talk to Jax, but Jax refuses to speak to him alone because he is just too angry with him. Bobby just got dumped.

Clay asks Gemma to run away to Belfast with him. She says she will consider it, and gives him a kiss. Why is she still acting like his wife? This is seriously annoying me. Clay must also prepare himself for what is about to happen. When someone is voted out of the club they must have all their tattoos removed. Happy takes a tattoo needle and blackens the tattoos on Clays back and arms. OUCH! Also wouldn’t tattoo removal be more painful and costly to Clay? Seriously I know they are going for the dramatic effect, but that tattoo removal stuff is awful. So now Clay has been old black spots on his back and arms. Jax and Bobby both leave during Clay’s tattoo removal…….in part because IT’S THE WEEKLY MUSICAL MONTAGE. It is also heartbreaking to see Clay’s last tie to the club severed. While he is a terrible human being, the club was the one thing he seemed to genuinely care about. Also, the poor guy is going to have to wear long sleeved shirts FOREVER.

And during our musical montage we also see: Gemma visiting Nero (UGHHHHHH SHOOT THEM BOTH), Lee sitting with an entire stock of guns on his mattress (Holy Shit Sir), and Jax pulling up to meet Tig.

Jax meets with Tig, and Tig has a look of concern on his face. He asks Jax if he is sure about what he is going to do, and Jax responds that he is sure because he wants to keep everything the way it is. Jax visits Wendy and threatens her. He tells her he will tell everyone that she is a drug addict and that she is not allowed to see her son, and that they should drug test her to prove his point. He manhandles her and then injects her with heroine as she begs him to not do it. And with that……..YOU SIR ARE AN ASSHOLE. I AM FURIOUS. YES YOU ARE GOOD LOOKING BUT HOW DARE YOU!

What in the actual fuck people? No really, Jax is officially the new Clay. Will anyone save Jax from going further over the cliff to the dark side? Will Tara leave Jax and get the hell out of town, or will Gemma kill the bitch? Will Lee go postal and shoot up the club? Will Clay somehow survive this season and get to Belfast? Will Jax give Tig up over to Pope? Is this the end for our dear sick psychopath buddy Tig? Will someone die? WILL I EVER STOP ASKING QUESTIONS?! Tune in next week for the SEASON FINALE of Sons of Anarchy.  

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