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'Deception' Preview: What you should know about 'Nothing's Free, Little Girl'


Last week, NBC premiered its new primetime soapy drama, Deception. In the pilot, Vivian Bowers was found dead of what appeared to be a drug overdose, but the FBI are convinced that someone murdered the young heiress.

Her childhood best friend Joanna has agreed to go undercover and get close to the family to find out if one of them is behind Joanna’s death. In the pilot, she found a potential connection between Vivian’s death and the Bowers’ company. She also learned that the youngest member of the family, Mia, is actually Vivian’s daughter, not her sister. So what’s next on Joanna’s agenda?


The second episode of the series, “Nothing’s Free, Little Girl,” finds Joanna getting closer to Robert Bowers. She’s taken a job at his office and she’s trying to get access to his computer so she can do more research on the potential link to Vivian. But it’s password protected. She does, however, hear a very interesting conversation between Robert and his former assistant. Let’s just say the assistant is not pleased with Robert’s response to her demands and she decides to bring another person into the conversation.

Edward is very unhappy with his father’s decision to bring Joanna onboard and he makes it known every time he sees Joanna. Robert doesn’t really care what he has to say and insists that Joanna come along and join the family as they watch Edward’s daughter’s soccer game. Things get heated at the game when a fellow parent taunts Edward about his sister’s death and then the police have to get involved and there is a potential conflict between the police and the FBI investigation.

Mia is struggling with her sister’s death and Joanna tries to reach out to the young girl. She shares stories of her past with Vivian and makes a suggestion for how Mia can handle things. But like the rest of the Bowers, Mia tends toward the extreme and makes quite a scene during a family breakfast. There’s also a pivotal flashback to one family member’s conversation with Vivian regarding Mia’s true paternity.

Despite what happened to his sister, Julian continues to spin out of control and spends most of the episode partying. Joanna wants to help him, but things don’t go the way she planned when she attempts to intervene in his life. There are flashbacks that delve into more of the history the two shared as teenagers and the title of the episode comes into play during a conversation Joanna has with Will.

Deception airs Monday, Jan. 14 at 10 p.m. on NBC

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