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‘Raising Hope’ Recap: What Happens at Howdy’s Don’t Stay at Howdy’s


On Tuesday’s episode, we find the gang getting ready for Jimmy and Sabrina’s bachelor/bachelorette party.  At first Jimmy doesn’t want one, everytime he tries to cut loose and have fun, he always ends up in a dark path: sleeping with a serial killer, having his manhood pierced, which now whistles, when he gets in the mood. Frank convinces Jimmy to change his mind, and hires his friend Doug to film the event. But what Jimmy doesn’t know is that this is part of Frank’s  scheme to stop the wedding, because he believes Sabrina doesn’t like him.  Frank shows Jimmy pictures of Sabrina picking her nose, but when Jimmy shrugs it off, he brings the party over to Sabrina’s bachelorette party.  Expecting to find Sabrina doing something she shouldn’t be doing, he walks in on Maw Maw getting a lap dance from the pizza delivery guy.

Franks plans come into motion, when he gets Jimmy so drunk, that he tricks him into marrying him, but not letting him know that he obtained a marriage license and Jimmy’s signature. When Frank refuses to give Jimmy a divorce so he can marry Sabrina, of whom he disapproves, things doesn’t look good for Jimmy, until his family comes up with the idea of having Jimmy move in with Frank, so that he’ll drive Frank crazy, with all the annoying things Jimmy does.  Jimmy realizes that his annoying habits don’t bother Frank and that Frank is actually thrilled that Jimmy is living with him.  Frank finally gives the annulment and Jimmy realizes that all Frank wants in life is to be loved.

This episode was obviously an homage to “The Hangover” films and did not disappoint.  The bachelor party was hilarious and the scene where Jimmy walks in on Maw Maw getting a lap dance, made me hurl.  What I also appreciated about this episode was the genuine love Frank has for Jimmy and Jimmy realizing that Frank will always be there for him no matter what.

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Favorite Moment: Maw Maw’s lap dance

Cringe Moment: Sabrina picking her nose

Character We Loved This Week: Frank

Best Quote: Burt: “I see you’ve got some vagina shaped pastas” Virginia: “no those are just shells”.

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