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‘The Voice’: The Finale of the Battle Rounds

THE VOICE -- "Adam Reality" Episode 410 -- Pictured: (l-r) Hillary Scott, Adam Levine -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Tuesday night’s episode of The Voice was the last night of the battle rounds and on Monday night’s episode we all were left with Usher having one ‘Steal’ slot to fill. Who would be that lucky artist going on to his team for the last night of battle?

To kick off the night, Shakira partnered up Brandon Rausch and Shawna P to belt out Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart.” In the first rehearsal together, with mentor, Joel Madden from Good Charlotte by her side, Shakira listened to the power that Shawna voice had when singing the song, which was a slight intimidation for Brandon. However, after a few pointers from their coach, during their final rehearsal, it was Shawna that wondered if the young nineteen year old could give her a run for her money in the battle round. In the battle round, while Brandon held his own and kept up with Shawna during their performance, it was Shawna’s grit and power that gave her staying power, showing the audience and the rest of the of the audience that she wanted to win this battle. In the end, it paid off for Shawna, who worked with Big & Rich and Gretchen Wilson, when Shakira chose her to go on to the next round of competition.

Duncan Kamakana and Sarah Simmons from Adam Levine’s team, met up for rehearsal, learning that they would be singing mentor Hilary Scott’s song, Lady Antebellum’s “Wanted You More.” The first rehearsal for Duncan and Sarah was a rocky one; both being unable to connect together as one while singing and it continued on a little during their last rehearsal. In the final rehearsal, Adam pointed out to both Duncan and Sarah would need to work more together in perfecting the song; each still struggling to unite as one. Those struggles faded all the way once Duncan and Sarah took to the stage and gave Adam what he coached on; making the song their own and holding the attention of the audience. Even with the decision being Adam’s in the end, both Usher and Blake shared their love of Sarah’s performance, but still complimented Duncan’s stage presence. Knowing that he could possibly have a strong chance at a win, Adam chose Sarah as the winner.

Ending the battle for then night, Shakira brought on her last competitors, Latina beauties, Cathia and Mary Miranda. Taking her song “Antes De Las Seis,” Shakira wanted to see just how well both young artists could take on the song. Cathia, a music business student, familiar with the song, had no problems with making Shakira’s song her own. Mary, who was not familiar with the song, gave her competitor a slight advantage. Things were different, however the next time they met up for rehearsal, showing us that Mary took mentor Joel Madden’s advice in getting fully familiar with the song. Despite a few bobbles during the last rehearsal, both Cathia and Mary made it a tough call for their coach when they commanded the stage. Cathia and Mary both displayed their emotions in the song, and while Cathia had a stronger vocal range, it was Mary that won the battle. Fortunately for Cathia, her time on the show wasn’t over. Usher, holding true to his word that he would find his last person to steal he did so with bringing Cathia onto his team.

Now that the Battle Rounds have ended, The Voice begins the Knock-out Rounds next week. This time there will be more steals and any coach’s team member could be sent packing. Here are the following artists that are going into the Knock-out Rounds:

Team Adam

Amber Carrington
Any Whitcomb
Judith Hill
Midas Whale
Sarah Simmons
Warren Stone
Caroline Glaser (Stolen from Team Blake)
Orlando Dixon (Stolen from Team Usher)

Team Blake

Danielle Bradbery
Grace Askew
Holly Tucker
Justin Rivers
Savannah Berry
The Swon Brothers
Luke Edgemon (Stolen from Team Shakira)
Taylor Beckham (Stolen from Team Usher)

Team Shakira

Garrett Gardner
Kris Thomas
Mary Miranda
Monique Abbadie
Shawna P.
Karina Iglesias (Stolen from Team Adam)
Sasha Allen (Stolen from Team Adam)

Team Usher

Audrey Karrasch
Jess Kellner
Josiah Hawley
Michelle Chamuel
Ryan Innes
C. Perkins (Stolen from Team Shakira)
Cathia (Stolen from Team Shakira)

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