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ABC Family Summer Preview: ‘Switched at Birth’

Photo Credit: ABC Family

It’s summer time, y’all! Everyone’s hanging at the pool, sipping drinks, soaking up sun, and reeling from the drama of the spring. Check out our list of 10 things you can expect in the season premiere!

Previously on Switched at Birth: The Carlton School standoff resulted in the school remaining open, but not without the deaf kids wanting the hearing kids permanently gone, leaving Daphne and Bay on opposite sides of the fences. Lana disappeared from the hospital with her and Angel’s newborn child. Regina fell off the wagon and went into rehab. Toby announced he was engaged. Noah and Bay broke up when he admitted he had feelings for Daphne.

10 Things You Can Expect in the Summer Premiere:

1. There’s a six-week time jump from the spring finale. Bay and Daphne are still at odds, but forced to work in John’s senate office. Toby is still planning on getting married. Regina is returning home from rehab.

2. Daphne moved into the Kennish house while Regina was in rehab. She and Katherine are like two peas in a pod, further thickening the tension with Bay. Regina feels left on the outside when she realizes how close Daphne has gotten with her biological parents. The mother and daughter come to blows about the changes the Kennish’s have brought to Daphne’s life in her absence. She also comes to blows with Katherine over it… and then Daphne, who has a lot of her issues with Regina come to the surface.

Photo Credit: ABC Family

Photo Credit: ABC Family

3. There’s a very funny scene involving a unicycle. Here’s hoping the boy it involves sticks around.

4. Welcome to Maui, Kansas. Bay’s car breaks down and she finds a beach-themed hideaway she never knew existed – and Ty! (In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen any of the previews, Tyler is back!) Like Bay, I am so excited to see him. Dying actually. And he’s as gorgeous as ever. Bay is surprised to learn how long Ty’s been back and that no one has heard from him. Uh, oh!

5. Katherine jumps into planning Toby and Nikki’s rehearsal dinner. Will it be enough stress to split the happily engaged couple apart? The family becomes divided over what kind of wedding to have and how much money to spend. Drama, drama, drama!

6. Angelo is trying to find Lana and/or their baby, who may or may not have been up for adoption.

7. Travis is living with Emmett and trying to teach him the ways of the teenage boy world. You know, house parties and girls. Unfortunately, they totally get busted! Later, Travis makes a serious confession about his feelings for Daphne.

Photo Credit: ABC Family

Photo Credit: ABC Family

8. John and Regina come to blows over her alcoholism. In edgy Kennish fashion, he throws her lack of willpower (because it’s totally not a disease) into her face. Ouch. Really, John?

9. Ty has a confrontation with some fellow Marines on his base when they’re rude to Bay. Is Ty trying to hide a little PTSD? Is that why he hasn’t told anyone he’s back yet?

10. Regina and Bay have a heart-to-heart about her leaving her, the switch, and being unwanted. It’s short, but long overdue, and just maybe Bay is what Regina needs right now.

Switched at Birth returns Monday, June 10th at 8 p.m. EST/PST on ABC Family.


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