‘Under the Dome’ Preview: Manhunt

Last week’s Under the Dome literally ended with a bang when one of the sheriff’s deputies freaked out over being trapped in the dome and decided that it was a good idea to take a shot at the mysterious barrier. The bullet ricocheted and ended up killing another deputy in front of the entire town.

Manhunt” picks up with the deputy behind bars, but unfortunately, he doesn’t stay there for very long. Once he escapes, Big Jim decides that they need to make an example out of him and he recruits Barbie to help him track down the missing prisoner.

Elsewhere, Junior, who seems to have many, many screws loose, is also freaking out over his hatred for the dome and decides to go underground. But as the video below shows, his exit strategy is not enough to escape the dome’s reach.

Under the Dome airs Monday, July 8 at 10 p.m. EST on CBS.