‘Suits’ Preview: Will Harvey discover Stephen and Donna’s arrangement?

Donna finds herself in an unfortunate position this week on Suits. Now that she’s in an “arrangement” with British Harvey, she’s lying to Harvey about her whereabouts since she decided not to tell him about getting into bed with a potential enemy.

But what happens when Harvey and Stephen start working together? “Shadow of a Doubt” finds Pearson and Darby’s lawyers continuing to defend Ava Hessington, who they now know is innocent. Harvey teams up with Stephen since he’s familiar with Ava’s dealings and Harvey is determined to win the case so that he can oust Jessica as managing partner.

But then Harvey throws Stephen a curveball when he brings Jessica in to help them. Stephen points out the irony to Harvey of Jessica being the one to assist in her downfall. Will working together change Harvey’s mind?

Elsewhere, Mike asks Rachel to help him with a case and Mike’s lies might catch up with him when he meets Rachel’s parents.

Suits airs Tuesday, Aug. 13 at 10/9c on USA Network.