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True Blood: OMFG Moments from ‘Dead Meat’

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On Sunday’s episode of True Blood, Sookie (Anna Paquin) faced a major dilemma in deciding whether to broker a deal between Warlow (Rob Kazinsky) and Bill (Stephen Moyer). In vamp camp, Jason (Ryan Kwanten) got to know Violet (Karolina Wydra), while Sarah (Anna Camp) went to extremes to keep Tru Blood flowing. Alcide (Joe Manganiello) made a decision that impacted the futures of Nicole (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) and Sam (Sam Trammell). Read TVSource Magazine’s OMFG moments from the True Blood episode, “Dead Meat.”

Alcide Leaves His Pack

After Alcide’s pack realizes he lied about killing Nicole and her mother, many of the wolves want to challenge him for the title of Packmaster. Alcide defeats the other wolves, but decides it’s time to leave his pack days behind. He and Sam bond, just as Sam reveals a shocking truth. I’m thrilled the wolfpack business finally seems to be coming to a close. Now I hope Alcide is once again integrated back onto the main canvas to interact with the characters we all care about. If anything, I’m glad to see the writers giving him an actual friendship with Sam, making the character much more relatable and important.

Nicole Is Pregnant

Both Alcide and Sam are able to use their shifter and werewolf abilities to sniff out that Nicole is pregnant. Later, Sam begs Nicole to stay with him, much to her mother’s dismay. She can’t believe her daughter would want to be with this much older “Silver Fox,” but Sam admits he loves her daughter. I’ve already explained how much I dislike the writers giving Sam an insta-love with Nicole so soon after Luna’s death, but this newfound pregnancy makes me dislike the storyline even more. The writers basically killed off Luna and wrote out Emma, two characters we had already come to love, just to re-do the storyline again with someone completely new.

The Aftermath of Terry’s Death Continues

Arlene is still struggling with Terry’s death, and his overbearing family is not making it any better. Terry’s mother and sister, Portia, demand an army burial complete with 21 guns, something Arlene does not want – especially because it was a gun that ultimately ended her husband’s life. However, the Bellefleur family will hear none of it, causing Arlene to lash out even more. Later, Lafayette reveals to Arlene that Terry had taken out a will four days before his passing. Arlene begins putting the pieces together and realizes it may have been Terry’s friend Luke that killed him. Although I’m still shedding tears over Terry’s death, I’m glad to see the writers taking their time to focus on a very human storyline amidst all of the supernatural drama. These stories aren’t over the top like most, making it easy to feel the pain and struggle the characters are facing.

Sookie Begins A Downward Spiral

Warlow informs Sookie of his plan to make her ‘his’ by turning her into his own fairy vampire princess for eternity. Sookie is spurned by the idea, but she needs his assistance to save her friends’ lives in the vamp camp. Eric overhears this plan and finds the portal to Warlow. Sookie attempts to reason with Bill and reveals Warlow’s plan, but Bill has seemingly lost all love and compassion for his former flame. He tells her she must let him turn her or her friends will die. After visiting her parents’ graves and having a breakdown because they never truly loved her, Sookie decides becoming a vampire is the only way she will ever be okay again.

Sarah’s Devious Plan Continues

Still covering up the death of Burrell and still placing Hep-V into the bottles of Tru Blood, Sarah’s plot is more nefarious than ever. After a representative from the Tru Blood corporation arrives and realizes what Sarah has done, the women battle it out in one of the wildest scenes of True Blood history. This all culminates in Sarah stabbing the woman in the head with her own high heel. When Sarah is tipped off to the fact that some vampires aren’t drinking the Tru Blood, she threatens Steve Newlin to discover why. Of course Steve is a weak vampire, selling out his new friend James as the person who tipped him off. Sarah takes all of the vampires refusing to drink Tru Blood into a chamber – the same chamber Bill saw in his vision – where they will meet the sun. Sarah Newlin’s (and Anna Camp’s) return to the show has absolutely reinvigorated True Blood. Anna brings so much energy to the role and the character is one fans can all love to hate. No matter what happens in the last two episodes, we can bet Sarah will be at the center of it all, something I can’t wait for. I guess you could say she has me, um, head over heels.

Warlow Is Murdered

Now that Sookie has finally decided to be turned into a vampire to save her friends, she and Bill return to the portal to find Warlow. However, upon returning they find Warlow has been murdered. Both are in shock, but Bill knows exactly who has done this: Eric.

Other Events

Eric tries to kidnap Adelaine, feeding on her before Andy discovers his daughter again.

Violet, the mysterious vampire who has claimed Jason for her own, informs him that he will be begging to have sex with her and that he is hers for eternity.

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