‘Under the Dome’ Preview: Will Barbie risk his life to protect Julia?

The last episode of Under the Dome upped the ante in the battle of good vs. evil. Big Jim manipulated Linda and most of the town into believing that Barbie was the true bad guy, forcing him to go on the run while Julia, the one person who can clear his name, lies unconscious in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Angie, Junior, Joe and Norrie ventured to the location the pink stars sent them and the dome responded with a very clear vision of Big Jim bleeding from several wounds while each of the teens held a knife in his or her hand. Junior freaked out and rushed off to find his father, but Angie understood the message: Big Jim has to die and they’re supposed to kill him.

Exigent Circumstances,” the penultimate episode before the first season finale, finds Big Jim once again claiming power as he addresses the town and convinces them that Barbie has to be stopped. While Barbie has his training to fall back on (and we know Max was able to stay out of sight for eight days), Barbie’s connection to Julia and his desire to keep her safe might end up costing him.

In the video preview, Big Jim proves that there are no lines that he won’t cross as he destroys evidence and threatens Norrie.

Can good defeat evil and if they do, will it free Chester’s Mill from the dome?

Under the Dome airs Monday, Sept. 9 at 10/9c on CBS.