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‘The Good Wife’ Preview: Colin Sweeney Resurfaces in ‘Tying the Knot’

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Great news! Josh Charles is returning to The Good Wife this Sunday! Unfortunately, it is not to reprise his role as Will Gardner. Actually, we will not even see him since his return is actually in the role of director. This is Charles’ third time behind the camera for the show and I am sure we are in for a treat.

Another treat coming out of ‘Tying the Knot’ is the return of everyone’s favorite client, the ever so creepy, Colin Sweeney (My love for Sweeney is incredibly unhealthy). Alicia lands in the extremely undesirable role of witness when a body is discovered in Colin’s home while she is present. Really? I mean…Alicia…honey. What in the world were you doing there to begin with? Have you learned nothing from the last experience you had visiting his residence? You really should know better.

Meanwhile, seems like another Florrick will be the cause of Eli’s headache and it is not one of the usual suspects. When a seemingly damaging picture of Zach surfaces and threatens to create a public relations ordeal for Peter; Eli, as always, steps in to try to put out the fires before they start. I, for one, am really interested in this photo. Zach has been the least problematic of the Florrick children, so what could he possibly have done?

While I am happy to see Sweeney return in this episode, I am most looking forward to seeing Alicia’s brother, Owen. We don’t know what brings him around, but I would hope that it is just to simply hug his sister and be there for her as she continues to grieve. As we all know, he was fully aware of how she felt about Will, even when she was not.

Check out the few photos provided by CBS and then hit the comments and let us know what you’re looking forward to the most this week!

The Good Wife airs Sunday, April 27 at 9/8c on CBS.

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