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‘The Good Wife’ Photo Preview: ‘The One Percent’

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The end is near. Well, the end of this glorious season of The Good Wife, that is. With still so many questions left to be answered, it is safe to say that we are heading into these final two episodes anxious and looking for answers. However, the biggest questions are, WILL we get those answers and will we like them?

If we have learned anything from this season, it is that we should expect the unexpected and not try to figure out which direction things will head. The details released by CBS regarding the penultimate episode, ‘The One Percent’, make me feel as if we will all be suffering from whiplash after we watch because things sure do get personal.

Thanks to photos suddenly turning up of Finn Polmar leaving Alicia’s apartment, Eli Gold finally becomes privy to the “business arrangement” that the Florrick marriage has become. I cannot be the only one who is more interested in how he reacts than anything else. Will he have a classic Eli panic attack? Or will he be oddly calm? He really shouldn’t be surprised. Also, I can’t be the only one that can tell those photos are from the same day Finn visited Alicia when she didn’t show up for their meeting. Right? Wait… The suit he’s wearing in the photo is a different color… (See? It’s just pointless to try to figure things out on our own).

In addition to dealing with Eli and the photos, Alicia has to handle the mess her client has made with some questionable statements he’s made to the press. The consequences of his actions could very well change the fate of his multi-billion dollar merger; a fact that obviously does not escape Alicia Florrick. I hope this turns out well, because, as we see in the promo, due to her close proximity to her client when someone throws a pie at him, it gets on her dress as well. Which is a bummer since it’s such a pretty dress. At least let it be worth it.

Meanwhile, over at Lockhart/Gardner, Diane realizes that a class action suit could be a conflict of interest for her. Hmm…how so? Well, said suit involves a pharmaceutical company…and Louis Canning as her opposing counsel. Ah, there it is. It all goes back to Canning. This just has messy written all over it. What will Diane do? Will this be used by Canning and David Lee as a way to try and push her out? Oh. There go all those pesky unanswered questions again.

While we wait until Sunday to (hopefully) get some answers, check out the photos and video preview provided by CBS. Then hit the comments and let me know what questions you’re most looking for answers to!

The Good Wife airs Sunday, May 11 at 9/8c on CBS.

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