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The Bold And The Beautiful Recap: Rick Takes Sole Control Of Forrester; Maya Becomes Lady Of The Manor


What is this fresh heaven we are watching? Who can weave a corporate takeover storyline so flawlessly with a classic love triangle? No one other than Bradley Bell. This week’s The Bold and the Beautiful has been like something sent from the soap gods. Showing that while other shows gradually decline after losing their biggest stars, they can not only remain steady after losing theirs, but rise exponentially.

She’s Not My Problem Anymore

Continuing the kick in the gut cliffhanger from Friday, B&B offered one of its best episodes only five days into 2015. After realizing the magnitude of what was going on around her, Caroline hunched over a table as her husband continued to unveil his master plan. With Maya by his side and irrevocable control of Forrester Creations for a year, Rick reassured his father that despite his deception, he would make him proud. Sure, it’s hard to convince someone of such things having just bamboozled them out of their company, but it wasn’t the first time Eric had faced this. After escaping the firestorm, Eric reminded an irate Ridge of just that as he and Carter struggled to find a loophole in the contract he had signed. Yes Ridge, you too have pulled many a stunt in your time for controlling interest over Forrester Creations. Your new face doesn’t erase you history. That being said, you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t feel the slightest bit sorry for Eric. It wasn’t too long ago that he also told Ridge that he would not give him the CEO position unless he broke up with Katie and got back together with Brooke. What is it with this guy and his desire to have his company run based on who his sons bed? He keeps saying it’s to carry on the husband/wife tradition that he and Stephanie created, but let’s be real, there were more times than not in that relationship that should never be used as the standard bearer.

Back in the CEO office, Rick sat tear stained as Caroline pleaded for their marriage. Reminding him that a few stolen kisses with Ridge paled in comparison to what he was doing with Maya. And that’s really where this story seems to divide people. Some say that what Caroline did really didn’t warrant this full on blitz attack from Rick. I, however, completely get it. It’s not so much what she did; it was who she did it with. Caroline could have “hiked her skirt up for the mail man” as Rick put it and it wouldn’t have hurt as much as a kiss with the “bastard Marone” did. How Caroline could be married to Rick and not realize that is just as baffling to me as it was to him. Also baffling is not five minutes after being dismissed by Rick yet again, Caroline manages to turn my pity for her into annoyance as she gushes over Ridge yet again. The reason your marriage has been dismantled is “every woman’s unattainable dream?” Ok girl.

While all of this delicious drama was going on inside, busybody Ivy decided to give Maya her two cents outside. Ok, so listen. I like Ivy, I do. Her reading Hope Logan fresh off of Air Koala was a thing of beauty. But she and Aly both have been running around town offering out shortsighted, unsolicited judgments on situations for which they don’t know the history. Maya was sure to remind Ivy of just that by reiterating the relationship she shared with Rick prior to Caroline and her constant manipulations and “Myrna” insults. Even Liam had to tell his girlfriend of the moment that she would be wrong to dismiss something she wasn’t around for so easily. Ivy’s retort to both was simply “ok, but he’s a married man.” Well, I guess this show needed someone to be the beacon of morality and ethics.

I Will Succeed Where You Failed

After showing Ivy and her high horse the door for the night, Maya settled into her new estate waiting for the man she loved to return home. Maya knew exactly what she wanted and she went out and took it. What she didn’t anticipate was what else Rick had in store for her. The disapproving, and sometimes following eyes of Forrester Matriarch Stephanie were gone. In their place hung a portrait of Maya that was sure to set the entire family off. And set it off it did. Who knew that swapping out a painting could make for some of the best soap all week? Everyone’s reaction to Maya’s face reigning over the fireplace was spot on. Especially Stephanie’s sister Pam. Taking a time out from playing the comedic lemon bar baker, Pam stood toe to toe with Rick and read him the riot act for disrespecting her sister’s memory for that of a “homewrecker.“ Rick’s response was quite childlike when pointing out that it was because Ridge was Stephanie’s favorite. I’m not exactly sure why that was supposed to be some big deal. Of course Stephanie favored all her children over the kids Eric had with Brooke. Even Bridget who Stephanie actually liked took a back seat.

Screenshot 2015-01-10 16.52.34The real reason Rick hung the portrait became ever so clear when Caroline, who had spent the night at cousin Liam’s house, called to meet Rick. He went from irritated by her persistence to practically giddy at inviting her over to the Forrester mansion to see what he had done. And the reaction he wanted was exactly the one he got when his estranged wife’s jaw hit the floor along with the glass she was holding. Caroline was quick to point out to both Rick and Maya that every last one of his tactics lately had been done to get a reaction out of her. Proving that his feelings for her were just as strong as they’d ever been. Rick of course dismissed the accusations and ran away to work as to not have to face that truth. Maya, on the other hand, ascended down the steps and not only faced it, but agreed with it and turned it around on her nemesis. Maya laid her cards on the table for Caroline and explained that while Rick was acting on hurt at the moment, once that faded away she wasn’t at all concerned about where she stood. She assured Caroline that she knew exactly what position to play to get the outcome she wanted. The confrontation between the two women in front of the fireplace on Friday ended the week just as strongly as it had begun. Woven in with all of this was an amazing use of flashbacks to remind the audience exactly where this storyline began and all the turns it had taken to land all 3 characters exactly where they were.

Masterful! This week on the LA based sudser was like watching February sweeps three weeks early. I feel quite spoiled in all of its richness. And by the looks of it, this freight train doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Watching all of these paths intersect and collide has been great. Watching Karla Mosley, Linsey Godfrey and Jacob Young own every single scene they’re in has been ten times better!

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