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‘Sleepy Hollow’ review ‘What Lies Beneath’


This week’s episode of Sleepy Hollow had a lot of imagery that reminded me of the horror film the The Descent. In other words, there was spelunking and cannibalistic not-quite-human creatures that were afraid of light. The show is at its best when if pulls inspiration from others in the fantasy and horror genre. The episode manage to be a good stand alone episode while also moving the series on to its next big arc.

Thomas Jefferson’s Chamber of Doom

Tonight’s big bad was Thomas Jefferson (Steven Weber)…sort of. Some explorers find themselves in trouble when they get pulled down into a underground cave by some very nasty and hungry humanoids called Reavers (Firefly shout out!). Ichabod and Abbie must get the remaining two men out before it’s too late. They also discover that there is a room full of knowledge the founding fathers’ collected for the two witness in order to help them ward off the Apocalypse. That’s where Jefferson comes into the story. His hologram has been hanging out in this library like a sort of instruction manual for the witnesses. Abbie and Ichobod have to choose whether to save the trapped men or library. They, of course, value life more than books.

I’ll admit this part confused me a little bit. Why would the founding fathers put a library underground containing a hologram of Thomas Jefferson and guarded by man-eating humanoids? And was there a reason why the witnesses couldn’t just grab a handful of books and run? But never the less it was all pretty cool.

Universal Soldier

The episode also introduced us to a reporter named Calvin Riggs (Sharif Atkins). I’m not sure if we’ll see him again or not but he feels like he’s going to be of some importance later. He wants to help his brother who is trapped underground and he’s able to read Abbie like a book, comparing her words of reassurance to war propaganda.

He’s a truth seeker. Abbie and Ichabod are able to hide some of the truth from him but he wants to know what’s going on and I can’t see him just letting it drop. Unlike Hawling, Calvin actually seems like Abbie’s type. I liked Hawling but he never really clicked with Abbie for me. This new guy could be a better obstacle for Ichabbie.

The Devil Inside

Last week teased that all was not love and light for Henry, Irving and Katrina. This week gave more information on what is really going on. Irving asks Jenny to help him break into the evidence room so he can get his wedding ring back. Jenny, noticing the mark of the Hellfire Club on Irving’s wrist, pretends to go along at first then demands answers when she sees what he is really after. He gives her the access to the Hellfire Club’s millions and asks her to give it to his family. He wants them to run away so they can be safe. He tells Jenny that his soul is tarnished and that he was able to use an emblem of Henry’s to hide this from Katrina. The side effect was that he remembered his humanity and now he can feel it slipping away. He’s lost everything.

At the end of the episode Irving’s puppet master pays his mother a visit. Like a good son Henry tells Katrina he loves her and gives her a bouquet of flowers, black roses covered in thorns which Katrina pricks her hand on. Katrina wakes up startled thinking it was all a dream until she notices she has cut her hand and the roses are lying on the table.

I think Katrina wants to be good. Heck she’s fought for the forces of good all her life. But now she’s discovering this darkness inside of her and it scares her. The scene with Henry made me wonder if this is a bit of a side effect so to speak of Henry’s mommy issues and her desire to save him. Has she been cursed in some way? It will be pretty interesting to see what happens when Darth Katrina rises.

So what did you think of the episode? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts!

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