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‘Sleepy Hollow’ review ‘Tempus Fugit’


This week’s episode of Sleepy Hollow was the season finale and possibly the the series finale if it doesn’t get renewed. It’s on the bubble as far as whether we’ll get to see another season of Ichabbie fighting the forces of evil together. Perhaps that’s why the show’s creators wrap everything up in a nice bow in ‘Tempus Fugit.’ If this was the finale episode ever, I certainly wouldn’t be left wanting like I would if it had ended with a cliffhanger and at the same time it resets things for the future.

Dead Franklin

Stuck in 1781 and knowing Katrina plans to let Ichabod die this time around, Abbie calls for Ichabod with promise of important information regarding the war effort thus he is not around when Abraham a.k.a the Headless Horseman attacks his camp. While this saves Ichabod from Katrina’s evil plans, it changes history which could be a bad thing. Abbie and Ichabod look to Benjamin Franklin to find a solution.

While Ichabod is in another room, Abbie tells Franklin that Katrina has gone dark and that she plans to kill Ichabod. Franklin advises that the best option is to reverse the traveler’s spell and bring things back to where they were before the spell. He advises that Abbie’s ancestor Grace Dixon will be able to preform the reversal spell for them.

Unfortunately, the not-yet-headless Horseman attacks Franklin’s home, taking off the inventor’s head and setting the place ablaze. Abbie is jailed again. Not wanting to lie to Ichaobd, Abbie tells him that Katrina is the witch trying to kill him and that his wife is pregnant with their son.

FF218_scn13_1032_f_hires1The Good Wife

Ichabod has no reason to suspect his wife would harm him and goes home. He finds herbs on the table that Katrina normally uses to aid women who are expecting but when he asks her if they are about to have a child she denies it. He doesn’t see the knife she has to his back but he sees the open spell book on the table.

Ichabod is called away before Katrina can kill him. After finding a video of himself trying to take a selfie on Abbie’s phone, he realizes that she has been telling the truth. The two witnesses head to Grace’s home to make things right. Along the way, Abbie tells a troubled Ichabod that the Katrina that now exists is not the same one who once loved him.

Grace is able to perform the spell only by letting down the magically force field that surrounds her home. This leaves it vulnerable for Katrina and the Horseman to attack. While Abbie and Grace complete the spell, Ichabod battles the Horseman. The spell is completed just before Ichabod loses his head.

Now back in 2015, Katrina attacks Abbie for destroying her plans. Ichabod intervenes and Katrina is stabbed during the struggle. Abbie tells a grief stricken Ichabod that he had no choice. “Yes I did. We all did,” he responds.

Abbie and Ichabod are later joined by Jenny and Irving. Abbie informs them that per Grace the fight isn’t over. The four seem to settle into a new version of the original team. If someone could just track down the Kindred, then Sleepy Hollow’s dream team will be complete.

The End is the Beginning is the End

The episode had many parallels to the very first episode of Sleepy Hollow albeit with its own twist of course. In the premiere episode, Ichabod was the one behind bars in Abbie’s decade trying to convince her of the supernatural. This time around Abbie is jailed and must get Ichabod to believe that she’s not crazy. And instead of Abbie’s mentor Corbin getting beheaded, Franklin is the one to lose his head. Abbie’s first carriage ride in which she tries to adjust the shade on the window even mirrors Ichabod playing with the buttons on a car. It was a nice homage to where the series began as well as just fun to watch the shoe being on the other foot.

It didn’t take too much time for the two witnesses to reconnect and join forces. It was nice to see them building trust and working together again. It’s been a tough year for the duo and their togetherness was something I was craving.

The final shot of the episode is of a sadden Ichabod looking at an empty room.

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