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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Quinn Sharpens Her Blade, Carter Gets An Earful


You Pathetic Lush

This week continued with more head scratching writing and dialogue from the triangle from hell that is Quinn/Deacon/Brooke. Notably the back and forth from Deacon. Monday’s show continued with him begging Brooke to tell him there was still a chance for them only for him to turn around and profess his love for Quinn once Brooke finally relented. I have given up trying to understand the angle here.

Brooke has said time and time again that she needs to define who she is without a man and yet the first man that shows her interest is good enough at the moment? She still hasn’t shown any real interest or feeling for Deacon. It all seems more like a ploy to keep him from marrying Quinn. If I didn’t know better, I would swear it was some kind of revenge plot from Brooke in Hope’s honor. That would make this more interesting anyway. Also not feeling the closeness between these two was Katie who dropped by to check on her sister yet again. She was giving Brooke the same shade face I was giving my TV listening to her describe her dependency on Deacon and vodka.

At Forrester, things were looking way up for Quinn Fuller. Not only was she on cloud 9 from her engagement to Deacon, she was also back as jewelry designer much to everyone’s chagrin. Eager to share the news with her beau, Quinn summoned Deacon to the office. What she got in return was a waft of a woman’s perfume. Quinn was quick to put two and two together and realize Deacon’s friend from AA was a woman. And she was even quicker to connect the dots when Brooke strolled in donning the same fragrance. Oh if looks could kill!

Screenshot 2015-04-05 16.23.59To everyone’s surprise, Quinn didn’t go off the handle like she had many times before. At least not in front of Deacon. Once he was gone and getting his own talking to from Wyatt, Quinn decided to put Brooke on notice to stay away from her man. Of course Brooke’s same old tired retort was that she can’t stay away from him because they share a daughter. Again, this is stupid for so many reasons: 1. Hope is an adult last I checked. 2. Hope lives in Italy at the moment. And 3. Brooke spent Hope’s entire life trying to keep Deacon from her. One step in fixing this storyline would be to drop that narrative as soon as possible.

Either way Brooke didn’t seem to heed Quinn’s warning and Deacon didn’t seem to heed Wyatt’s as he caught them together talking about their feelings with the door open and loud enough to make the receptionists gossip. So what do you do with that kind of information when your mother is a little on the unstable side? Why, you tell her of course. As she’s fashioning a very large, very sharp object no less. Nothing can go wrong there. I did like that Wyatt attempted to ease her into the news and steer her away from Brooke and place the blame on Deacon. Because that’s exactly where it belongs. Did Quinn take Wyatt’s advice or did she really go back to Forrester and plunge that letter opener into Brooke’s gut?

I Won’t Judge

There were only 2 days of the Avant sisters this week and still a whole helluva lot happened. Mainly the continued blackmail from little sis to big sis. Nicole doesn’t seem to slowing down on the “I can spill any second” train. It was interesting at first. Now it’s just becoming annoying and downright cruel. Every time Nicole comes around Maya, she’s trolling. Especially in Rick’s presence. Maya called Nicole out on this in the CEO office but she didn’t seem to get through to her. Instead Nicole made more threats disguised as sisterly favors. And once again, poor Rick was none the wiser about the tension filling the room. The one person who saw it clearly was Carter who tried to talk Maya down off the emotional cliff she was heading towards. Assuring her that although things between them didn’t work out, he would always be there as her friend. It seemed like Maya was ready to tell someone, anyone what she had been going through before Nicole once again burst into the CEO office to cash in on one of her demands. You see, while Maya and Carter were having a chat upstairs, Nicole was downstairs in the photo studio getting a taste of the glamorous life.

Nicole’s insistence on modeling for Forrester didn’t make much sense to me at first but now I get it. Despite the lifestyle her sister is living, it’s still a much better life than Nicole ever had and she wants it. She doesn’t want a part of it, she wants everything she feels Maya left her for. That’s why she didn’t seem to care much about Maya’s suggestion of her getting back into computer programming. And so the fighting continued. Again, loud enough for anyone who was casually strolling by to hear. And who was casually strolling by when Nicole began berating Maya for not disclosing her trans status to her current boyfriend? He ex-boyfriend, naturally. Carter didn’t seem sure of what he heard at first, but when Nicole stormed off like a toddler having a tantrum, he went into the office to face off with the woman he once loved. Will he be as open minded to what Maya tells him like he promised he would?

This week Maya swears Carter to secrecy, Nicole gets her wish and Deacon answers to Quinn.

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