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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: #Raya Enters Supercouple Status, Forrester Creations Changes Hands


In yet another stellar week, we saw all the things that make for good soap: Love, drama, family angst and corporate shake ups. The Bold and the Beautiful continues to be a cut above the rest and is doing so in less than 30 minutes!

I Hope The Three Of You Can Sew

Screenshot 2015-06-07 17.01.01The plan that started three months ago finally came to fruition this week much to Eric’s chagrin. With the numbers on their side, Ridge, Steffy and Liam informed the family patriarch that his services where no longer needed in the fashion house that he built. While Rick’s treatment of others and Eric’s dismissal of it has been quite irritating at times, so has Ridge’s self-entitlement. Neither he nor Steffy seemed to care much about pushing Eric under the bus they were determined to drive over Rick with. They simply viewed it as collateral damage. Liam on the other hand did show a moment of sympathy and maybe even regret over his actions. Eric, never the one to throw in the towel called Rick and let him in on hostile takeover that was underway.

Rick, like his father, wasn’t going to roll over and let Ridge strip him of the title he wanted to hold on to so badly. So after a little math and brainstorming, he realized that the Forrester shares weren’t as spoken for as Ridge thought they were. Knowing that there was one thing Bill Spencer loved more than a dollar, Rick decided to eat humble pie and go face the man who all but ruined Maya’s life for a headline.

Personal issues aside, Rick offered Bill power in Forrester Creations. Side with him and Eric and Bill would have say in who the next President would be. Bill contemplated the deal and met with all involved parties to announce his decision. He would side with Rick and Eric… under one condition. Maya was to stay gone. Bill didn’t stop there. He pointed out the reasons he felt as though Maya was bad for business and even called her a disgrace. In that moment, Rick decided what he was fighting so hard for wasn’t worth making a deal with the devil. Fist meet jaw.

As Long As Everyone Knows Their Place

Elsewhere within Forrester, the supporting characters chimed in with their two cents about the takeover. The most interesting one coming from Wyatt when he realized Liam was being rewarded for information he obtained. Ok so, I agreed with Wyatt about Liam deserving zero role in Forrester, but I was confused as to why this was the first time he brought it up. And why he was mentioning this to Ivy and Aly instead of to his father. He would have made a great case. Liam is barely the President of Spencer on a daily basis. How he’s going to VP Forrester as well is a mystery to me. And speaking of VP, isn’t that kind of Brooke’s current title? They just auctioned off her job like it was nothing. I chuckled. To take his mind off of being slighted, Ivy decided to distract him for her own selfish reasons with the possibility of a romance with Steffy. This also felt out of left field. Steffy and Wyatt has been in the same room maybe twice, but alas it’s not summer time on B&B without the Brothers Spencer fighting over a girl.

Speaking of the Forrester vixen, she’s been back in LA all of two days and already she’s ruffled quite a bit of feathers. None more than Ivy’s. I find it funny how Ivy keeps reiterating that she’s secure in her relationship with Liam yet keeps having to tell Steffy to back off or else. Steffy of course shrugged her off just like she shrugged off Aly. Poor disillusioned pre-pubescent Aly. I have never liked this character and I feel like that may be on purpose. Her obsession with the love lives of Hope and Liam has been downright creepy not to mention extremely ignorant to the history of both. Her “warning” to Steffy to keep away from Liam was completely laughable. Meanwhile the audience probably doesn’t even remember that she has a boyfriend of her own. Maybe it’s time she’s given a storyline where she has to fight for her own relationship instead of everyone else’s.

I Will Defend You To My Dying Day

Screenshot 2015-06-07 16.47.16Prior to all the drama at Forrester, Rick tracked Maya down at Dayzee’s before she could leave town. In what was possibly one of their most honest and heart wrenching conversations, Maya confessed everything she’d been keeping from Rick and why. I cannot say enough about what both Karla Mosley and Jacob Young are bringing to this storyline. Maya’s body language as she sat across from Rick, as if she was terrified of the way he viewed her now, was so brilliant yet so sad. As was the slightly understated reveal that Maya at one point struggled with suicidal ideations. “The time I climbed up on the railing of a bridge and it took a long time to come down…” Although she didn’t come right out as say it, there was no mistaking what that line meant. Rick also let Maya know that he didn’t hang up on her in Big Bear, that his car went off the road and despite everything else that happened, he loved her. Ever the supportive partner, Maya sent Rick off to Forrester to deal with Ridge’s impending coup promising that she would still be there when he returned.

And when he did, with a smile brighter than the sun and excitement that filled her tiny apartment, Maya just assumed it was because he held on to his position as Forrester CEO. Rick corrected his love by informing her that he walked away from it all. The power, the position, his birthright all to be with the woman he loved. Maya was slightly taken aback by this but finally saw what Rick had been trying to tell her. That she was the most important thing in his life and without her, all the other stuff didn’t matter. Rick and Maya are what happens when a head writer gets behind a couple the fans love. Too many times we have seen the fans and the writers on opposite sides of the same coin but in this instance, Brad Bell has made the conscience decision to give his best to the best and the fans are being rewarded with one of the most beautiful love stories this show has told in years.

This week Ivy feels her relationship slipping away and Quinn is back to her meddling ways!

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