General Hospital Promo: Steamy, Sexy Surprises! Will Maxie Accept Nathan’s Proposal?

Photo: ABC

General Hospital unveiled its promo for the week of Valentine’s Day and it promises a week of steamy, sexy surprises! Will Maxie (Kirsten Storms) accept Nathan’s (Ryan Paevey) proposal? Is there romance in store for Jason (Billy Miller) & Sam (Kelly Monaco)? Will Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) and Hayden’s (Rebecca Budig) marital bliss be short-lived?

The 15 second promo doesn’t give much away, but the biggest take away is Nathan proposes to Maxie. “I want a future with you,” he says in the voiceover. A (presumably) ring box is shown to Maxie — but for all we know it could be a key to a new place! Let’s hope it is in fact a ring.

Meanwhile, Nikolas and Hayden’s sexy trip down the isle wasn’t without its own drama. Curious about his new wife’s secretive past, Nikolas asks someone to look into Hayden’s life before Port Charles. Will Nikolas discover the truth? Who is “Rachel” the man in Las Vegas referred to?

Also featured: kissing at the Penthouse with Sam and Jason; sexy time in the bath with Julian and Alexis; smooches with Sonny and Carly and the Davis Girls (Molly and Kristina) surprising someone Sam at the hospital.

Check out the new General Hospital promo below:


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