Gays of Our Lives: Getting Busy With ‘The Neighbours’


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I’ve never been a fan of Aaron and Nate as a couple. I find them terribly boring and they have no chemistry. I just don’t believe a guy like Aaron would date a total downer like Nate.

Nate should have been written out with Chris so he doesn’t have to come back as far as I’m concerned. I’d rather it was over with Aaron and Nate, but I suspect this plot arc is a build up to Nate’s dreary return. Bah.

As for Tom, Aaron has to know that he and Tom being involved is unethical. Tom suggesting they date is totally suspicious, especially since Tom wasn’t too subtle about asking Aaron about the hotel business at all. I guess this storyline is only going to work if Aaron is an idiot.

I like the idea of Steph and Mark. Mark needs a woman, not these little girls he tends to date.

I thought it was funny how Tyler was nonchalant about showing his junk (actually, everything) to a restaurant full of people.

People of the Valley (Wales)

So it’s looking more like Tyler is in fact gay or perhaps bisexual. I mean, Iolo being pissed off about Colin pretending to be gay and Iolo saying that Tyler isn’t gay so he wouldn’t understand why Iolo was upset is a major red flag. And they have the usual pre-romance bickering between them.

I’m still not going to get my hopes up, but the possibility certainly is there. The question is, if Tyler is gay, why not just say so? Please, no closet cases. Iolo’s been through that already. Twice.

Secret Lives (Finland)

I can’t lie. I had to rewind the SL clip this week and watch some of it again because I got distracted when Lari walked out of the bedroom in those tiny striped shorts. That boy’s body is amazing. And Kalle would rather drink that be in the sack KALLEwith his boyfriend?

I don’t know if Kalle is going to become an alcoholic, but he clearly has a drinking problem. He’s been drinking a lot for some time now, going back to when he and Lari broke up.

Now he and Lari are back together and Kalle is still drinking too much, this time because he really doesn’t trust Lari.

Kalle and Lari are headed for a breakup and it’s not because of Lari, who again, made it clear that it’s Kalle he wants, not Elias. Even after finding out Elias still had a thing for him, Lari wasn’t interested.

I hate seeing Kalle like this not just because he’s ruining things with Lari, but he’s going to screw up his own life in maybe other ways as well. Remember when Kalle thought he had ran somebody over while he was drunk driving? I’m just afraid something like that might happen.

As for the situation with Jesse, I’m glad Kalle told Talle the truth so he could fix things with Sanni. But Kalle has to know it won’t stay secret for too long. Talle is bound to tell Janne, who is a big gossip. Janne will tell Elias, who won’t help himself but tell Lari or insist that Kalle do so. Kalle should confess now before it gets worse but he won’t.

That’s why they call it a soap opera. LOL…

Shadowhunters (U.S.)

Have some of these characters always been so unlikable or is this a new thing?

I just can’t over Clary’s amazing selfishness regarding Simon. She’s basically responsible for him being a vampire and her response is that she didn’t want to lose her best friend.

I’m enjoying the ‘Simon is a vampire’ storyline more than I thought, but Clary’s annoying self absorption makes me wish Simon had torn her damn throat out. BTW, I think it’s funny how Simon becoming a vampire came with a new hairstyle, eyeliner and eye shadow.

I admit I’m loving Rapheal, BTW. I think he might be one of my favorite characters.

I wasn’t too pleased with Alec either, turning against his parents in the blink of an eyelash in order to take over the Institute with seeming to have no regrets. It would have been nice if he were a bit conflicted over his decision rather than being a spoiled brat about it.

But I’m glad Jace finally confronted Alec over his feelings for him. Though it seemed kind of strange because Jace came across as completely clueless only a couple of episodes ago. I just wish they’d of actually discussed instead of doing the ‘manly’ thing of getting into a fist fight.

Another thing is that while Clary and Jace’s relationship seems awfully rushed, Magnus and Alec, the other primary love story, is moving at a snail’s pace. Yet both stories suffer from lack of depth, chemistry and story logic. I’d like to think they’ll work on that, but somehow I doubt it.

The Fosters

So is that it for CONNORConnor and Jude?

I certainly hope so. They should have ended it last season when Connor left rather than having Jude mope around and have no story for the past few months.

Besides, a long distance relationship between adults is bad enough, a long distance relationship between two teenage boys is ridiculous. They should be dating and meeting other people. So this is a good thing. I just hope it means new relationships and new love for Jude.

I’m not surprised that sex was part of the problem, I’ve always felt that Connor was further along than Jude in that respect.

Frankly, I think Jude was looking for reason to break up with Connor, given how the seemed to be looking for a reason to fight. And I think his fear of being intimate with his boyfriend was the reason why.

I’ll miss Connor, I liked him a lot. He was actually my favorite of the two boys. I just wish we’d of gotten more of him and his story when he was around.

The Haves and The Have Nots (US)

Not gonna lie, I love the twist of Candace telling Jeffery to have sex with Justin in order to get the information they need to keep them out of jail. I doubt if Jeffery will go through with it, but I want to see how far the show takes this story beat. Other than that, I don’t have much to say. But next week is the season finale and only a few hours in the life of these characters over the past 10 or so weeks. Typical.

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