Hollyoaks Week in Review: The McQueens, Nightingdales Drive Drama

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Hollyoaks went back to its normal format this week, focusing on the village as a whole and its quirky residents – not just the murderous ones. Even after following such an outstanding week, this last week proved to be just as solid but I was not expecting anything less.

The only issue was that there were so many highlights, it was hard to pick just a few! While Ste Hay’s venture into the mobile tanning salon business was cute, the stories surrounding families as a whole and the relationships between them interested me most. Some of the stories were wacky, some were tense and some bordered on heartbreaking but were enjoyable nonetheless. Let’s get into some of the highlights of this last week in Hollyoaks!

Week in Review for Hollyoaks episodes airing September 12th – 16th.

Makin’ Mischief

On top of doing long term drama so well, Hollyoaks has never lost its sense of humor in the face of sickness, death and everything else in between. The McQueen family is usually the source of laughter, an extremely mixed bunch of characters that seems to multiply once every few months with little to no explanation. Whatever the McQueens do or wherever they come from, villagers and viewers alike just accept it. The matriarch to many of the feisty McQueens on the canvas at the moment, Myra McQueen, was the center of a hilarious plot this week. With six adult children and nearly the same amount of fathers, no one expected older woman to get pregnant again but It happened! The only issue is that in a house full of people who barely work (the McQueens are that family you know with no qualms about scamming or living on public assistance for life), money can get very tight. But she has every intention to marry baby daddy Diego Salvador Martinez Hernandez De La Cruz with a wedding on par to Princess Diana but for that, she’ll need money. And to get money, she’ll need a scheme. And scheme Myra did.

“Always the mother of the bride, never the bride.” This was the sentiment that pushed Myra to craft yet another desperate scheme to support her growing family. Only a few weeks ago, she organized a “McQueen Shopping Trip” which really meant shoplifting from a baby store that had her daughter get caught. This time she kept her actions on the legal side by convincing a newspaper to do a story on her miracle pregnancy. Except after a hateful jab from Marnie Nightingale about her size, Myra deceived the reporters by telling them she was the UK’s next octomom. Planning to use the check from the interview to fund her dream wedding, Myra meticulously planned out every single detail. But baby daddy Diego was not so keen on televising this lie and backed out. Aside from the pressure his ex-wife’s lawyer James Nightingale is putting on him, demanding payment for her services or she’ll reveal his dark secret from behind bars, Diego seemed to be nervous about something else. Though he chalked it up to just being nervous about his English language skills.

Photo Credit: © Lime Pictures

Photo Credit: © Lime Pictures

Myra was not going to miss out on this golden opportunity, so she decided to move ahead without Diego anyway. She upped the ante by getting a television crew involved instead, securing an exclusive interview and an even bigger pay out. Only problem was she needed a daddy! Luckily for her, niece Celine McQueen’s boyfriend Jesse Donovan needed publicity for his hair salon. He agreed to play daddy if the interview was done in his salon. It was hilarious watching the way Myra went from big dreamer to bridezilla in heartbeat, primping herself everywhere she went and brushing her clip on ponytail at any given chance.

Since this is in Hollyoaks, nothing was to go to plan and right before the interview, the scheme was revealed in the most hilarious way. In one of my favorite moments of the week, the reporter asked Myra to test out her mic by saying what she had for breakfast. Myra lowered her head and spoke right into her cleavage, listing off the long list of food she’d eaten to the crew who expected just one thing. It’s right after this while testing Jesse’s mic that it all comes out. Celine was making an attempt to calm him down so he wouldn’t back out of the interview last minute. His nerves had begun to get the best of him. Too bad they revealed the entire scam to the open ears of the crew! To say the least, Myra was furious! Her paycheck was gone and her big wedding dreams were crushed – until Diego revealed he had a way to get some money. £5,000,000, that is. All of it an inheritance set to be Diego’s should he reconcile with his mother. But could she come to love her pregnant criminal of a future daughter in law? Diego describing her as a mix of a pig and a dragon is making me think otherwise… But keep the fun coming!

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