General Hospital Spoilers: September 3-7, 2018

General Hospital Spoilers
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In this week’s General Hospital spoilers, Brad and Lucas await news about the custody of their adopted baby; Julian wants answers; Ava is hopeful and Ryan escapes Ferncliff! Get a sneak peek at what goes down in Port Charles in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of September 3, 2018.

General Hospital Spoilers: Brucas Keep Their Baby

Brad and Lucas’ stress over the thought of losing their adopted baby comes to an end when the adopted mother renounces her claim to the baby. When Diane reveals her client’s change of heart to Brucas, it’s as if a giant weight has been lifted off of their shoulders. However, Lucas is hesitant to celebrate too soon until Alexis made it clear this ruling is final. Unbeknownst to Lucas, Brad knows Julian intervened on their behalf to make this miracle possible. Though Julian continues to be in the dark about the real origins of the replacement baby, his support means a lot to Brad, and tries to be a bridge with Lucas by asking for Julian’s participation in the celebrations. 

More General Hospital Spoilers

  • Alexis is outraged. Julian looks to Drew for help. Kim feels helpless. Joss remains hopeful. Cameron takes advantage of a situation.
  • Ryan switches places with Kevin and escapes Ferncliff. 
  • Kim shares a devastating secret. Drew is flummoxed. Cameron is crestfallen. Sam is supportive. Chase has good news. 
  • Julian pushes for answers. Nina gets everything in order. Valentin is put in notice. Jordan surprises Curtis. Ava hopes for the best, but prepares for the worst. 
  • Nina gets a crazy idea.  Curtis is galvanized. Jason remains diplomatic. Josslyn and Oscar make a pact. Sonny presses Mike.

Source Sneak Peek – GH Edition – Week of September 10, 2018
Julian calls Alexis; Margaux and Jordan work together; Kim and Drew clash; Drew spends time with Sam.