General Hospital’s Carolyn Hennesy on Animal Rights, The Cost Of Theatre and the Uniqueness of Diane Miller


Actress, writer, philanthropist. Carolyn Hennesy does it all. With a Christmas movie currently airing on television and a terrifying horror movie due to hit the big screen in early 2019, Carolyn proves just how well she can wear the many hats of the entertainment industry.

TV Source Magazine got the chance to catch up with the ever busy actress to discuss everything from General Hospital to taking on the voice of one of the most iconic characters in film history. We also got our own lesson in why we may not be seeing the full picture on animal activism.

Thank you for speaking with us today. Hope we aren’t taking you away from any last minute Christmas prepping.

You know what, one of my favorite horror films of all time – It’s called It Came From Hell. And it’s got this giant killer tree and it’s on right now but that’s ok. I’ve seen it before.

I want to talk to you about Dianne Miller, also known as the best lawyer in Port Charles in my opinion.

No honey, the best lawyer in the state!

Well, yes. That too! Last time we saw her, her services were required for both the storyline with Kim, Drew and Oscar in relation to his tumor and with the Brad and Lucas adoption. Both are still ongoing storylines. Can we expect to see Diane come back as these storylines conclude?

I’m hoping! Most times the fans know more than I do. I don’t know, I haven’t been called. So maybe yes maybe n. It all depends on whims of Mr. Frank Valentini. We shall see. I hope so. I always live in hope. So far as it stands right now, she’s off in the other room preparing a brief. (laughs)

Some fans judge Diane harshly because she’s a “mob lawyer.” Seems to me like she just goes where she knows the checks will clear. Would you describe her as having a moral compass where the mob is concerned?

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Diane hasn’t really been a mob lawyer. I mean, not solely a mob lawyer for many years. I think the fans do understand that Diane’s moral compass does point north especially when she’s defending people like Sonny and Jason who she knows. You name it, she knows they’re guilty. But she also understands that they need the best defense possible and she is the best defense possible because that’s what they are entitled to under our grand constitution. So she’s not going to let these people that she’s come to know and love and she holds very dear to her heart – certainly Jason – fall into the hands of anyone who is less competent, less capable and less of a genius than she is. And she often knows that yes, the check will clear.

I think she really feels that she has to hold people accountable for that because her services come at a price and she is the best and she’s not going to settle for less. She will work pro bono, you know. For Maxie and Spinelli to sort out that baby debacle. But the people that she knows can pay, yes. Of course she’s going to make them pay. And there are no qualms about that. She’s friends with them but she is first and foremost, their lawyer. So she’s not totally about money all the time.

Speaking of the mob, a lot of fans think that GH is at its best when the mob storylines are scaled back or not as prominent. Do you think that they could do without that aspect of the show?

I think now it’s a core part of its existence because if the mob goes, there goes Sonny. And if Sonny goes the fans will riot. There will be a revolt. To get Sonny, you have to guess who he is. You have to get what he’s about and what he does. And as much as people say that they would like to see it scaled back, it has been scaled back a little bit. But I think those people would be rather upset at Sonny left to canvas.

Some viewers have also complained about the cast size and that some of our favorite recurring characters, like Diane, aren’t utilized enough. Do you think the show benefits from a large canvas or could it be more streamlined?

With this particular aspect, I’m siding with the viewers. Solely for my own personal interest! (laughs)

You’ve been a staple on GH for 12 years now. But if asked, could you ever see yourself on any of the other network soaps?

Absolutely! An actor goes where there is work. I flatter myself, but I also think this is a truth that the fans can get behind. There isn’t another character like Diane on the daytime canvas. There may be other lawyers, but Diane is a very unique and particular combination. She’s one aspect of my ability as an actress but there are many more characters out there for me to play. And I would love to. And this is all without being at all disloyal to Diane or General Hospital. You know, an actor goes where there’s work.

I have to admit for my own personal pleasure, I would love to see any character of yours under Ron Carlivati again. I’ve loved all aspects of Diane, but I have to admit that underneath Ron, she was my my favorite so I would love to see you on Day of our Lives

I shall leave it up to you to make it happen!

Ashley Dionne
Ashley Dionne joined the TV Source Magazine team in December 2014. She served as TV Source's deputy editor from 2016-2019. In 2021, she resumed hosting duties on the TV Source Podcast.

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