The Young and the Restless Star Bryton James Talks the Past, Present and Future as he Celebrates the 15 Year Anniversary of Devon Hamilton

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So I have to ask about Elena and the rising popularity of Elevon. We are such huge fans of Brytni Sarpy and were thrilled when that casting news was announced. Did you screen test with Brytni or have any say in who was cast?

I did. I screen tested with her. Yeah, absolutely. I noticed when she walked into the room and started reading, how good she was. Her talent was obvious. And she’s been nothing but a pleasure to work with. I think she’s an incredible addition to the show. We were both a little worried. I know how dedicated the Hevon fans were and how much people really loved Mishael and I together. So to have the fans embrace Devon being happy and to embrace Elena, it’s been great. We’re really grateful for that. It’s due to her and it’s due to her talent and what she brings to the show.

A few fans have noticed that things with Devon and Elena have progressed rather quickly but with very little air time. Can fans expect to get a story with them and if so, can you hint as to where they’re going?

Of course they can expect a story with the and it’s going to start picking up. There’s going to be some obstacles for sure with Devon and his grieving and those two learning each other, just like any relationship really. But for Devon, as you said before, he’s gone through a lot in a very short amount of time. Getting over the potential family he was going to have and the love of his life isn’t going to be easy. I think that they have a rocky but bright future ahead for sure.

Hilary mentioned on her deathbed that she wanted Devon to move on. But Elena seems to be the polar opposite of Hilary. Do you think Devon needs a fiery counterpart or someone more grounded?

Hilary and Devon were exciting because of that polar opposites. You’ve got Hilary being herself and Devon always trying to ground her and trying to reel her in until the end when he realizes that this is her and he has to accept it. You want a relationship where you don’t have to change anybody. You don’t want anything different about the other person. Those are the best relationships. With Elena, yeah, she’s very night and day. She’s very grounded. I think she’s everything that Devon wanted at the beginning of his relationship with Hilary as Hilary.

Someone to be sure of herself but not overbearing and wouldn’t step on anybody’s toes to get what she wants in a cutthroat and ruthless way the way that Hilary was. He has that now in Elena. And I’m sure there’s a lot more depth to Brytni’s character that fans will learn about pretty soon. I think it’s a nice change of pace for Devon. Even with Hilary, he was happy with her but he was still on edge a lot even in their happiest times. So to see Devon find somebody he can be a little more grounded and mature with and enjoy that change of pace with, it’s going to be good.

When we spoke with Brytni last month, she mentioned that the chemistry between you two was instant. Did you feel that as well?

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Without a doubt. Like I said, when she did her screen test it was hard not to feel it. And she’s so easy to work with. She’s one of the most professional actors I’ve ever met before and she loves to run lines and be prepared. She loves to be prepared and breakdown scenes and know them inside and out which I love to do as well. The second I get my scripts, a week before we shoot, I learn them all so I don’t have to bring my script to set ever. And she’s the same way, so our work ethics are the same. She’s just extremely talented so it’s easy to act with her. So yes, I definitely felt it.

What is it about Elena that piques Devon’s interest?

I think from the second she opened the door, aside from her being stunningly beautiful, she has this quality that I think he always wanted in Hilary. She just has this sureness about her where she doesn’t really have to be the biggest person in the room or have to step on anybody’s toes to get what she wants out of life. They also have something to relate to each other about. She lost her mother so she knows what it’s like to lose someone she loves. I think he admires the way she has gotten through that and how well she’s doing with her emotional state in life at this time. It’s what Devon wants for himself and what he’s always wanted in a partner.

While many of your fans are excited to see your character move on with Elena, what would you say to the Hevon fans who are struggling to accept your character moving on post Hilary?

I mean, it’s real life. Life happens like that, you know? It’s relatable for people who have lost someone that they love. Although they liked us together, we talked about it before, they want to see Devon happy. I was a character who was on before Hilary and I’m one that’s on now after her. Eventually, we all have to move on. I think it’s healthy.

But, I know it’s going to be tough for them. I read all of the comments and tweets and stuff like that and I appreciate them. I appreciate them more than they know because I don’t know where my character even would be without their support and without the character of Hilary coming on to the show and the show partnering us together. But I won’t rush them. I don’t expect to win them over overnight. I expect them to go on a journey with us and let time tell whether they’ll accept us or not. I think they will.

We haven’t seen much of Devon’s business ventures outside of LP. Have we seen the last of HWG?

You’ve definitely not seen the last of Hamilton-Winters. It took a long time for the Winters to have their own business and to have something to stand next to Jabot and Newman Enterprises and Chancellor Industries. That meant a lot to Neil and it means just as much, if not more now to Devon to carry on that legacy. It’s now a part of carrying on the Winters legacy. Not only do I feel like that, I know the show does. So you’ve definitely not seen the last of Hamilton-Winters.

As the only family member of Katherine currently on the canvas, do you think Devon should be more involved with Chancellor Industries?

Personally, yeah I do actually. I would love to. I’ve talked about that before with other cast members and writers, but it’s up to them. I haven’t really thought of what capacity he could be involved in it, but I would love to see him carry on that legacy a bit more too because Chancellor Industries isn’t really at the forefront right now. Devon being the grandson of Katherine, it would make sense for him to have some kind of involvement in it.

In relation to your other projects, Nickelodeon will be releasing Glitch Techs this year and you have also lended your voice to a number of other cartoons as well. Has that become a passion of yours?

It’s something that I’ve done since I was a kid. I think I was 9 years old when I started doing voice-over work. I’ve been lucky enough to consistently do projects. I also do Young Justice. I’ve gotten to work with so many amazing people and actors. I did one cartoon for Nickelodeon called Zevo-3 where Mark Hamill is the voice of the main villain. It’s just fun stuff that I get to do a lot. I love voices. I grew up imitating everybody in everything that I’ve watched. So it’s just a fun time for me. But Glitch Techs is the next new thing for me that fans can keep an eye out for.

You mentioned something at the Soapfest this past week about your writing. You said something about you and Daniel Goddard working on something together? Is there anything more that you give the fans about that?

Not too much, I wish I could! I know I’ve been saying it for awhile. Just to know that I am venturing out outside of acting and wanting to be more behind the camera and create my own content. And when they do see me, I would love their support.

Glitch Techs will be released on Nickelodeon this year, though an exact premiere date has not been announced yet. Check out the official trailer here.

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