General Hospital Spoilers: May 23-27, 2022


This week on General Hospital, Nina’s day in court with Willow and Michael finally begins, tensions simmer at the Quartermaine estate, Elizabeth gets closer to the truth while her loved ones rally around her, Esme reels Nikolas in even more as Ava’s attentions are occupied by another Cassadine, Terry and Chet grow closer and Amy isn’t happy, Spencer is jealous of another man paying Trina attention and TJ fills Curtis in on a missing piece! May 23rd starts a must-see week on General Hospital!

General Hospital Spoilers: Courtroom Fireworks in Port Charles

Promo Recap: Court is in session but who will come out on top? Sides are clearly drawn in the battle between Michael & Willow and Nina over visitation of Wiley! Tensions are running high and no one’s backing down!

GH Sneak Video: Ned and Drew Argue About the Merger! Ned is angry about the merger and argues that being made COO isn’t enough after all he’s done for the company. When his argument with Drew starts to get a little too personal, Brook Lynn interrupts them.  

Nina’s case for visitation of Wiley finally reaches the courtroom this week and it sets of some explosions! Much to Dante’s dismay Sonny has decided to testify on Nina’s behalf against his own son! Nina doesn’t want to take him up on it but her desperation to see her grandson wins out. Meanwhile Carly finds out that the results of the DNA test to determine if Harmony was telling the truth about Willow being Nina’s daughter and Nelle’s twin are ready! What will she find out and more importantly, what will she do if it proven to be true?

More General Hospital Spoilers:

  • Dante expresses his misgivings about Sonny’s decision. Carly doesn’t react well to being confronted at yoga. Britt asks Brad if he likes his working situation. Elizabeth gets closer to learning the truth about the disturbances. Brook Lynn is frustrated by her predicament with Linc. TJ discovers Marshall’s medication and reveals to Curtis what he’s found.
  • Nina takes the stand as her visitation hearing begins. Scott takes a chance on an unlikely witness. Laura, Finn, Kevin and Cameron advocate for Elizabeth. Alexis and Gregory spar over The Invader. As Curtis and TJ rally around Marshall, an unexpected visitor arrives. 
  • Things escalate in court as the visitation hearing continues. Josslyn consoles an upset Cameron when they’re interrupted. Rory seeks out Trina at the gallery. Ava and Victor try to charm each other. Spencer tells Esme about a new condition of his trust allowance. At GH, Nikolas tries to get information out of Britt.
  • Testimony at the visitation hearing takes sharp turn as Michael testifies. When Nikolas approaches Ava, Victor stays to chaperone. Spencer sees Trina and Rory together. Amy eavesdrops as a preoccupied Chet has news for Terry. Esme continues to weave her web.
  • Britt, Brad, Drew, Brook Lynn, Chase and others gather in their summer best at the Metro Court Pool for a Society Setups event. Emotions run hot at the courthouse for the visitation hearing. Ava and Laura talk over target practice. Esme finds a vulnerable Nikolas drinking alone. Terry helps Chet make a tough decision.

Source Sneak Peek – GH Edition – Week of May 30, 2022

The judge makes her verdict in Nina’s visitation hearing. As the cocktails flow, Britt causes a scene at the Society Setups event before things take a drastic turn. Carly learns the truth. Nikolas and Esme are tempted. Sparks fly as Anna challenges Valentin.

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