Days Of Our Lives Spoilers September 26th – 30th

Photo Credit: NBC

This week on Days of Our Lives, Jennifer is on the road to disaster and Chad confronts Abigail’s killer! Here’s a preview of what happens in Salem the week of September 26th, 2022, on NBC’s Days of Our Lives:

Days of our Lives Spoilers!

Promo Recap: One Loss Could Lead to Another!

Chad confronts Clyde and holds him at gunpoint as he demands to know why he killed Abigail. Justin breaks the news to Nancy that Clyde murdered Abigail. Jack discovers that Jennifer is taking painkillers again and shares the news with Julie. Meanwhile Jennifer drives while under the influence of the pills!

Jennifer Hits Rock Bottom!

When they find out there is a new suspect in Abigail’s murder, Jack leaves and Jennifer takes more pills. Jennifer gets behind the wheel and Jack finds her pills, sharing what he found with Julie. Jennifer makes it home safely but there are ramifications for what she has been doing!

More Days of Our Lives Spoilers: 

Chloe tries to enlist Craig to help stop Nancy’s wedding.

EJ relays stunning news to Belle and they desperately try to locate Chad.

Rafe and Jada attempt to track down Abigail’s killer.

EJ comes to Chad’s rescue. 

Rafe comes upon an injured Gwen and Xander is stunned when Gwen is brought into the ER.
Chad has a heartbreaking goodbye with a vision of Abigail.

Gabi is distraught over Stefan’s behavior.

Allie tells Johnny he’s overstayed his welcome and EJ makes Ava and Johnny an offer.

Rex has a surprising realization about Kate’s illness.

Kristen seeks assistance from Rolf.

Brady finds Stefan and Chloe together.

Stephanie is upset with Steve for not telling her about Kayla’s illness. 

Source Sneak Peek – DOOL Edition – Week of October 3rd!

Sarah blasts Gwen for trying to frame her.
Jennifer comes to a horrible realization.
Chad lends Stephanie a hand.
Will urges Sonny and Alex to make peace.