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ABC Successfully Defeats Lawsuit from Former ‘General Hospital’ Star and Anti-Vaxxer Ingo Rademacher


In the recent upheaval surrounding Hollywood’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates, one notable case has met its conclusion. Ingo Rademacher, a former actor on ABC’s “General Hospital,” found his lawsuit against the network dismissed.

The Hollywood Reporter was the first to break the news. Ingo Rademacher is best known for his portrayal of corporate raiding playboy Jasper “Jax” Jacks on long-running ABC soap. He initially joined the cast in 1996 and was a prominent character for many years until his abrupt departure in 2021.

Rademacher had argued vehemently that he was unjustly dismissed from the show for declining the COVID-19 vaccine, citing his religious beliefs and medical condition as grounds for an exemption. Yet, the court sided with ABC, asserting that the actor’s opposition to the vaccine was grounded more in health concerns than in religious conviction.

It’s crucial to remember that ABC, like many other studios, had implemented vaccine mandates as part of their return-to-work protocols. These mandates mainly targeted those in the highest-risk areas on the set – including the main actors and key crewmembers. However, as the pandemic evolved, many studios, including Disney, ABC’s parent company, began to pull back from these blanket policies, opting instead for more nuanced approaches.

Rademacher’s case against ABC relied on the assertion that the network lacked the authority to impose a vaccine mandate on its employees. He claimed the network had wrongfully terminated his contract and violated his right to privacy, among other allegations. His arguments hinged on a moral belief that his body, as “endowed by his creator,” should not be subjected to foreign genetic material, such as the COVID-19 vaccine.

Yet, ABC’s defense painted a different picture of Rademacher’s religious objections. The network’s lawyers argued that the actor’s beliefs were more focused on health and personal ethics than comprehensive religious doctrine. They pointed to the absence of formal religious structures or practices in Rademacher’s “religion,” such as specific writings, gathering places, clergy, ceremonies, and proselytization.

Moreover, ABC questioned the sincerity of Rademacher’s belief in a book he cited, the “Revelations of Ramala,” considering he last read it three decades ago and no longer possessed a copy. While Rademacher’s lawyer contended that the actor’s beliefs were not hastily concocted to bypass the vaccine policy, Judge Stephen Goorvitch remained unconvinced. The court found that ABC did not have an obligation to accommodate Rademacher’s unconventional religious beliefs.

This outcome, while specific to Rademacher’s case, has broader implications for Hollywood. The dismissal of Rademacher’s lawsuit may serve as a precedent for similar cases and potentially discourage others from pursuing similar legal routes. Notably, ABC has been sued by other “General Hospital” crew members who were dismissed for refusing the vaccine. As Hollywood continues to grapple with the challenges of the pandemic and return-to-work protocols, this ruling reinforces the authority of studios to prioritize health and safety over individual objections to vaccine mandates.

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