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Scandal Recap: ‘The State of the Union’ Leads to a Reunion (of sorts)

This week’s episode of Scandal picks up right where we left off:  the gladiators and their leader still in flux, F@&$ It Mellie still in full swing and Fitz still just trying to hold his life together. This was not the most exciting episode but it did show Olivia Pope managing a crisis, so I’ll take what I can get.

In “The State of the Union,” Fitz prepares to speak about gun control in his State of the Union address, so Cyrus reaches out to a power couple who can provide assistance with his topic. Elsewhere, as Mellie deals with her private strike, she garners the nation’s attention. Olivia finds herself drawn back into Fitz’s world and Rosen is under the gun.

Olivia Pope, the Fixer, except of her own life | Olivia is returning to her old ways of fixing other people’s disastrous lives.  This week she begrudgingly takes on the case of James and Lisa Elliot (played by Mary McCormack and Josh Randall) after being blackmailed by Cyrus, her best frenemy. The interesting thing is that Olivia takes the case only after Cyrus pulls the “Fitz Card” and threatens to tell him that Olivia calls and asks about him daily. Olivia basically looks like she would chew off her arm before dealing with Fitz, so she takes the case. Olivia deals with the Elliots, who appeared to be the angriest, most vicious married couple of late, and manages to corral them to appear at the State of the Union. It was nice to see her lay the smackdown on these two, not before the wife stab the husband with a corkscrew to his leg, but nice nonetheless. Also, Olivia still manages to run the White House press from the sidelines even though Abby is the official press secretary and she’s avoiding the main resident like the plague.

In other news, Olivia is irritated with Jake for moving into a hotel suite because he’s “not going to be a kept man,” at her house and I’m irritated with Olivia for even entertaining her sidepiece. It’s fine for Olivia to be distracted by Jake and his booty calls right now, but eventually I need her to stop the nonsense and figure out her life. This isn’t slut-shaming. She could bang the entire Senate floor and I’d cheer her on, but I do need her to look like she’s enjoying it at the very least. She’s trying to hold on to what she’s supposed to want, instead of dealing with what she actually does want with Fitz.  No matter how many times she bangs Jake, she hasn’t fallen out of love with Fitz and she’s pissed about it.

scandal-402-thestateoftheunion-mellieMadam First Crazy | F@&$ IT Mellie is probably the best written character on this show right now, and she gets to eat fried chicken and wear pajamas in most scenes. Mellie is dealing with this horrific loss of her son and her shifting from raging anger, to quiet despair, to biting sarcasm is the way real grief goes. Her circumstances of being in this “partnership” with Fitz and under the scope of the American public’s eye only serves to amplify the situation. Abby’s harsh but true words are finally the kick in the ass Mellie needs to pull it together long enough for the State of the Union.  Bellamy Young continues to kill it in every scene, but her scenes with Jeff Perry on the balcony comparing grief over losing a child versus Cyrus losing the love of his life and her emotional breakdown after Fitz’s speech was pretty much flawless.

POTUS | Fitz is just trying hold his life together. This man is trying to run the country, keep his wife supplied with potato chips and make sure she showers, and keep his mind off Olivia.  Usually Fitz is not the greatest president (and I say this as a Fitz fan), but his phenomenal State of the Union speech should really negate all his other crappy presidential decisions. You know what’s even more telling? He couldn’t do that without Olivia. He knows it, and she knows it. He’s unstoppable politically when he has Olivia in his corner, and he’s less in his feelings when he has Olivia to talk to about life. Is Fitz perfect? Nope. Far from it in fact, but he needs Olivia both professionally and personal because when he finally starts grieving for Gerry it’s going to be ugly.

Quick question, why was Olivia so damn cold to Fitz right before the State of the Union? My patience with her is rapidly running out. Fitz is the one who lost a child. Olivia is the one who ran and continues to run. She doesn’t get to have the attitude this time. Quite frankly, Fitz should and he doesn’t.

And for those wondering, Tony Goldwyn nailed that speech and gave one of his best performances to date. Makes you want to see more of what he can do if given the material.

Huckleberry Quinn | Apparently Quinn thought that if she matched her outfit with Huck’s, he would forget how annoying she really is. Didn’t work. Huck is still pretty pissed off about her finding his family, even though we have no idea how that situation turned out. While these two are in charge of watching the fighting married couple, Olivia learns of their “incesting” at OPA from Abby and joins the rest of America in their revolted-ness.scandal-402-thestateoftheunion-cyrus

Cyrus and Sex Worker | Cyrus is a mess. He’s lost the love of his life, he’s now a vegetarian, and he’s got Bambi’s friend, Thumper, on his head. He’s drowning in so much grief he doesn’t even recognize the setup of the prostitute at the bar. A very hot prostitute, but a prostitute nonetheless.  Turns out, Lizziebear is ticked off over Fitz taking on gun control, choosing David Rosen as the Attorney General, and generally disregarding the Republican party, so she’s out the stir up some trouble for his administration via Cyrus.


OPP (Other Peoples Problems) | Jake has nothing to do, so he’s decided to look into Harrison’s death and finds that Charlie is involved. He also still bangs Olivia when she beckons, so there’s that. David Rosen appears to have blackmailed his way into getting the Attorney General seat and that’s okay. Charlie Brown has to win every once in a while.

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