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Gays of our Lives: You, Me and Him

Emmerdale (U.K.)
As much as I hate that they turned Finn into this crazy stalker, at least the show finally got back to what Finn’s obsession with Kasim was really about: his grief over the loss of his father.

They were really nice scenes between Finn and Emma where Finn had to deal with that truth, but couldn’t Emma have helped Finn without all the crazy stuff of framing Kasim for arson and what not? Emma keeps saying that Finn is like her, but he isn’t really. He was grieving his father. Finn has always been the sensible, level headed one on the family. Hopefully, now that he’s realized what he was doing was wrong and that he needs to move on, he will. Sadly, though it’ll probably be the back burner and no boyfriend for Finn for a while. Again.

I do think that the Barton’s accept their insane, violent behavior all too easily. Too many times these scenes start with shouting and accusations and end in hugs. I mean Finn actually thanked Emma for what she did!

If/when Aaron goes to jail, why wouldn’t Liv be sent back to her mother? That’s where she should be. Her staying with Aaron was always ridiculous, it would be even more so with Aaron going to jail, leaving her with no family in town. She’s an underage teen. Legally, any court anywhere would send her home. She would need legal guardian to stay in town and Aaron isn’t even one as it stands. The girl needs to go back home.

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

I’m going to miss James Sutton when he leaves. As I’ve said before he’s one of my favorite soap characters ever. I just pray the show doesn’t kill John Paul off. Besides, they’ve killed enough McQueens. And if he’s alive, he can come back someday.

I wasn’t happy to see Nathan die, I liked the character a lot and the actor is so handsome. But it made for good soap and there will be plenty of fallout because of it.

It’s always good to see James and I thought Gregory Finnegan was very good in his scenes and he tried to deal with Nathan’s death. The acting was terrific by everybody involved in those scenes.

I’m enjoying the Finn storyline as well. Keith Rice was fantastic in his return and I thought James Sutton turned in awesome work in those scenes with Ste. However, I thought Ste could barely read, much less be writing JP’s victim statement. Huh? And JP and Ste are still married? They haven’t been together for at least 2 years now. Makes no sense.

James might be sleazy but JP should know that James wouldn’t represent Finn knowing how it would hurt JP. John Paul turning on James and Ste fighting with Harry so JP and Ste can sniff after each other again seems awfully contrived. But at least we know this so called reunion arc won’t go anywhere. They’re both clearly rebounding and both in love with their current partners. Though why JP would go anywhere near Ste after all the crappy things Ste did to him is beyond me.

I’m actually really surprised by Ste being there for JP. Ste usually isn’t that thoughtful about anybody but himself. Again, it’s really more about the show’s plot than how the characters would really react.

Could they make it more obvious that Cleo is going to wind up with Father Joel? Not even subtle.

Scott is still pining after John Paul? They dated (briefly) months ago. Move on. Actually, why is Scott still even on this show?

Still, I really enjoyed last week’s shows. Hollyoaks has its flaws, but it’s generally consistently entertaining.

River City (Scotland)

I was really surprised at how this story arc played out. I thought for sure the show would put Robbie and Gary back together when it was obvious they had no business being a couple – and never did. Thankfully, what really should have happened did. Gary and Robbie realized that they didn’t work as a couple and that they couldn’t give each other what they needed in a relationship.

Their breakup scene was very strong and emotional, perfectly played. There was no shouting and no anger, just two people who cared about each other who realized they were no longer in love. That’s more real than a knockdown drag out any day.

Why it took so long for them to see what was obvious from Day One I’ll never know, but I’m glad they did. I wonder if Robbie, who was going to leave town to start a new life, but chose to stay to be with Gary, will think about going away again. I personally think Robbie is a character who has run his course, but maybe the show can give him something to do that I care about watching.

As for Gary and Louie, I don’t see them staying together. It seems to be no more than a fling. I don’t think they are any more compatible than Gary and Robbie. That said, I do want Louie to be a permanent resident in town. He’s a refreshing change from the usual gay characters we get.


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