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Gays of our Lives: Goodbye, John Paul

Neighbours  (Australia)

How weird was it for David and Aaron to be the ones re-introducing Clive, a character from the 80’s, onto the show in a story point not mentioned up until that moment?

Aaron gets my vote as this show’s best dressed male.  He always looks sharp.

It’s week’s like this if you wonder if the show is ever going to do anything with David and Aaron.  No movement on the story and the one scene they did share there was no glimmer of anything between them.

So David and Leo know who their father is and he’s some dead off screen character not seen on the show in years?  Kind of a letdown.  But I think there’s probably more to it.  At least I hope there is.

Rownd a Rownd  (Wales)

Who didn’t predict that something would stop David from breaking up with Dani?   If you didn’t, you’ve never watched a soap before.  The show even used one of the hoariest plot devices, paralysis.  At least we know it’ll be temporary.  Still, it amazes me how many soap cliches this story has used and yet I’m still so into the drama.

That scene with David crying in the car was very well done.  I didn’t know if David was crying more for himself that he can’t be with Rhys or for Dani’s plight.  I also thought that later scene with Rhys and David in the park was effective.  I can’t imagine their relationship staying secret for long though.  Only a matter of who finds out next.

Shortland Street  (New Zealand)

I really wish this show was better written.  Sometimes the shoddy writing really hurts what could be some strong stories.  Like the Cam/Jack romance.  It was poorly done and rushed from the start.  The show threw them together, had a few weeks of mostly off screen happiness, broke them up in a few days and then Cam left town.   The show could have given the story some more time and room to play out all the beats rather than only hitting the major plot points.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t like it.  I just think the show could have done a better job.  And there were some plot elements that didn’t make sense.

For example, I agree with Cam’s reasons for breaking up with Jack.  He didn’t love him and Jack was much more into the relationship than Cam was.  And then there was the fact that he and Jack’s lives were going in different directions.  A break up made perfect sense.  So why muddy the waters with Frank going on about Cam’s sexuality and Cam looking confused.  In the end, that was not even a factor of the break up.  So why was it even mentioned?

It’s clearly not over between Jack and Cam.  We know Cam is coming back and his last scenes were with Jack. Says to me there’s more to come with them.  My guess is that Jack gets involved with Charlie while Cam is gone.  Cam comes back and having realized that he does love Jack after all, sets out to win him back.  And maybe Charlie isn’t so willing to let him go.  Plenty of drama ahead, I think.  Jack and Cam do make an appealing couple.  They have nice chemistry and the acting is pretty good.  In fact, I’m surprised at how much Rueben Miller (Jack) has improved since his woeful early days when he debuted as Kane’s friend.

The Haves and The Have Nots  (U.S.)

I really don’t have much to say about this past week’s show.  There were a lot of really long, really pointless scenes that didn’t have much rhyme or reason.  I mean, that happens on this show a lot, but this seemed more than usual.

Justin’s partner, though, is the worst cop in the world to believe Justin’s lame story about what he walked in on.  And that scene with Jeffery letting Melissa feeling his junk while he talked about having sex with Justin was gross and ridiculous.


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