Spirtas, Thom’s ‘OLTL’ Run Ends

Spirtas', Thom's 'OLTL' Run Ends

With the Mendorra storyline on One Life to Live coming to an end, two stars will be departing the soap. On August 28th Kevin Spirtas (Jonas) and Thom Christopher (Carlo) will exit.

Kevin Spirtas, who played Jonas Chamberlain, the true heir to the throne in Mendorra, will be exiting. The door will be left open for this talented actor to return. The other actor leaving is the talented Thom Christopher who portrays the devious Carlo Hesser. With his daughter Talia back in Llanview, will Carlo be far behind? My guess would be


Spirtas got his start on Broadway as a stage actor. He then moved to the small screen and landed several guest starring roles on shows such as Silk Stalkings, Valley of the Dolls, and Friends. In 1997 he was cast on The Young and The Restless in a non contract role. In 1999 Spirtas joined Days of Our Lives as Dr. Craig Wesley. Spirtas’ portrayal of the dastardly doc garnered him many fans and his popularity amongst soap fans grew. He was last seen on DAYS in 2003.

Christopher has enjoyed a long life in televison and has appeared on many different soaps. His first soap role was on the Edge of Night in 1974 as Noel Douglas. In 1977 Christopher appeared on Love of Life as Earl Merrick. Christopher’s next soap role was on Loving as Dante. From 1999 to 2002, Christopher booked a gig on Guiding Light as Col Dax.