Former Soap Stars Coming To ABC Primetime

Primetime Has Two More Soap Stars

Nathan Fillion (ex-Joey, OLTL) and Amber Tamblyn (ex-Emily, GH) will be returning to your screen this fall in new series that revolve around their characters.


Primetime Has Two More Soap Stars

Two former ABC soap stars have returned to the alphabet network in primetime. Nathan Fillion’s (ex-Joey Buchanan, OLTL) pilot, Castle, has been picked up. Fillion plays Nick Castle, a mystery writer who works with the NYPD, offering assistance with particularly difficult cases. The series also stars Stana Katic as Detective Kate Beckett, Jon Huertas, Monet Mazur and Susan Sullivan. Sources say that Fillion and Katic have an easy chemistry about them. Even though Castle is said to be a drama, the camaraderie between the two main characters suggests that this is part drama, part comedy.

Another dramedy scheduled to air on ABC is The Unusuals. Amber Tamblyn is joining this mid-season replacement as Det. Casey Straeger, a vice cop who posed as a prostitute, now working homicide. While there, she realizes that her co-workers have very distinct senses of humor. The Unusuals also stars Terry Kinney, Adam Goldberg, Monique Gabriela Curnen, and Harold Perrineau.

Welcome back Amber and Nathan! TVSource Magazine will provide more information on these series as we get closer to their air dates.