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The Fall Season is fast approaching and we have uncovered some news and spoilers for some of our favorite shows. Everything from casting news, plot points to cliffhangers can and will be covered. If you want us to find something out for you, just ask! We will do our best to cover it.

It’s a blast from the past when the doors to West Beverly open up. We have the new generation of kids mixed in with our favorite alumni. Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth reprise their roles as Brenda Walsh and Kelly Taylor respectively. One name off the list? Tori Spelling. Donna Martin will not be seen roaming the halls reportedly due to the fact that Spelling found out she was making considerably less than Doherty and Garth.

Gossip Girl returns with our favorite Upper East Siders convening in the Hamptons. The first two episodes will take place in the episode with one episode involving an all white party. Then it’s back to school and preparation for college. One good thing, Georgina will not be back as Michelle Trachtenberg has not signed on for this upcoming season. Like Blair said, One crazy bitch is enough.

Cook County hospital will see many returns in ER’s last season. Confirmed returns are Shane West and Noah Wyle. Is there a Reela reunion on the horizon….only time will tell. I would love to see other people return *coughGeorgeClooneycough* but who knows. He has returned before.

What about our favorite Lost fans? When we last left them, Jack was ready to jump off a bridge and Jin had died. It has been confirmed that Daniel Dae Kim will be returning for Season 4 however the question remains, will it be in human form or as a ghost? One thing I have learned with Lost, you never know. Entertainment Weekly has revealed that the title for the first episode is “No time like the Present”. Again, not very helpful for all of us who just want to know what has happened to the Oceanic Six and the rest of the people left on the island, if the island was even there at all.

Will there be a death on Brothers & Sisters? Could it be Tommy that will be meeting his maker? Sources say no, even though Bathazar Getty’s workload is considerably lighter he is still an integral member of the cast.

What is up with Ali Larter on Heroes? She is now playing a new character named Tracy Strauss and she works for the New York governor. Pictures of “Niki” will appear on the internet and they aren’t too innocent. Also, Seth Green and Breckin Meyer are in talks to join Heroes for a multi-episode arc.

What has been happening in Tree Hill? Is it true about Lucas and Haley? Well kinda. Chad Michael Murray will be writing an episode of One Tree Hill this upcoming season and Bethany Joy Galeotti will be directing an episode. Everyone’s favorite bitch Rachel (Daneel Harris, ex-Shannon, OLTL) is returning as a series regular and about time for this OTH fan. It has been reported that Brooke is robbed and finds herself in a very dark place this season. As to what else happens to her, well, I am not going to spoil everything. The question everyone wants answered is who does Lucas call? And will a wedding occur between Lucas and the chosen one? Scenes were filmed in Las Vegas but no word on if a wedding actually does take place. Tune in to the CW September 1st at 9pm to find out.

Showtime’s The Tudors ended with Anne Boleyn meeting her maker by way of an ax. King Henry has already chosen his new Queen, Lady Jane Seymour. Lady Jane dies in childbirth and the King will choose a new wife. Joss Stone will join the cast as Anne of Cleves, the King’s fourth wife. One thing that the Tudors has always proved, it will be a scintillating ride.

Love is a wonderful thing. So I am happy to report that Meredith and Derek, two of our favorite Seattle Grace doctors are getting hot and heavy! Shonda Rhimes, Grey’s Anatomy executive producer says, “I’m really actually excited about [Meredith and Derek] being together…” Let’s hope that their love is contagious and that Mer and Der have their moment in the sun.

A little casting news. In case you are one of the few that have missed this, Katie Holmes will be guesting on Eli Stone…..Sarah Chalke will be in at least four of the first six episodes of How I Met Your Mother…..Want to know who Lucas called at the end of One Tree Hill? It could be Lindsey. Even though Michaela McManus has joined the cast of Law & Order: SVU, she will also be appearing on One Tree Hill for an unknown amount of episodes…. Speaking of SVU, Oscar winner Ellen Burstyn will be joining the show….Jeremy Sumpter will be a freshman quarterback named J.D. McCoy who moves to Dillon to play football. Janine Turner and DW Moffett will play Sumpter’s parents on Friday Night Lights…Sara Gilbert is now a series regular on The Big Bang Theory…Luke Perry and Ian Ziering have confirmed that they will not be returning to 90210. – Trish Mahon

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