Ty Treadway Returns For Dream Sequence

Ty Treadway Returns For Dream Sequence

Poor Rex Balsom. After spending half the summer in 1968 as Bo Buchanan (don’t ask, really, don’t ask.) Rex is going to get himself shot. As he lies on the operating table he starts to dream…but this isn’t just any ordinary dream. It stars Rex and the late Colin MacIver (Ty Treadway). Yes, Ty Treadway is returning as Colin MacIver and this time around he will be hosting a game show titled, “So You Think You Can Be Shane Morasco’s Father?”

Rex (John-Paul Lavoisier) recently learned he is the father of 10 year old Shane Morasco’s with one time and current love Gigi Morasco. After Rex’s shooting, his subconscious will pull up his past, his regrets and his fears on how he can be a good father to Shane. The dream will star Treadway as a game show host and Rex as a panelist. The scenes were shot in the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire studio.

Treadway is the perfect choice as the game show host. He is currently the host of the syndicated game show Crosswords. Before Crosswords, he co-hosted the popular SOAPnet talk show SoapTalk with former Days of Our Lives and Melrose Place star Lisa Rinna from ’02-’06. Treadway joined OLTL as psychopath Colin MacIver, and later as Colin’s twin Troy MacIver. Treadway appeared on OLTL from 2001 -2003 and for a short time between 2003 – 2004.

Treadway will air on October 1st and 2nd.