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General Hospital’s Elizabeth gets no sympathy for what about’s to happen in her life. After all, it’s her life choices and continued association with Jason that’s led to yet another crisis involving her children.
If anyone has seen the new GH promo for November sweeps will see a frantic Elizabeth yell out to Jason to find her son.  Now if I’m not mistaken hasn’t Jason been the one, over the past several months who has been telling her to stay away from him because there are people who will come after her and the children?  And she has not heeded his warnings.  I cannot find sympathy for Elizabeth, I’m sorry but you have been told for the past year that Jason’s life is dangerous, YOU know this and yet you put YOUR children in the line of fire.  I’m sorry but sex with Jason cannot be THAT good.  Children are the first priority for a mother but it doesn’t seem to be that way on General Hospital.

Eight years ago, it was Elizabeth who left Jason because he lied to her about Sonny faking his death, she couldn’t handle Jason’s lifestyle then, and now she can?  This character’s first mistake was to believe that he could protect her and the second mistake was to have a child with this criminal, who has yet, CLAIM the child as his own.  WHY?  Because Jason doesn’t want to put the child in danger, and though Elizabeth agrees, she still wants to see Jason and sleep with him whenever the fancy strikes.  I’m sorry but it doesn’t work that way, Elizabeth.

You don’t have to look much farther than Carly and Sonny to see that this lifestyle is no place for children.  Michael was shot and is in a coma because of mob lifestyle, and there have been plenty of other innocent people killed because of the mob.  I just don’t understand how any woman could put their child’s life at risk just for some sex.

I come down pretty hard on some of these characters, namely Sam, Carly and Elizabeth because of their association with Jason and Sonny, and how none of the three can stay away from them for very long.  General Hospital has drilled into the viewer that being associated with the mob can get you killed and yet these three women, and I use that term loosely, don’t ever heed the warning signs and still put their lives and the lives of their children at risk every day they are with the men they love.   No man is worth losing yourself respect, dignity, esteem, and your identity.  This show seems to think that any woman who is paired with Sonny or Jason must at all costs worship the ground they walk on and become the community doormat.  This is what is so frustrating about this show where women are concerned.  It is severely lacking a strong, independent woman who has a mind of her own and can make her own decisions.  All of them live for Sonny and Jason and that, in my opinion is pathetic.

I honestly I don’t see what these two mobsters have to offer that is so damn special for these women to put everything on the line to be with them.  I can understand they love them, but Carly and Elizabeth have children, and they need to be their number one priority.  In Sam’s case, it was her decision to be with Jason, it was her risk to take with her own life and no one else’s. Jason and Sonny have NEVER put their women first, never.  If they would put their loved ones first, they would be leaving the mob at the first opportunity.  This is the lifestyle they choose to live and that’s their risk to take every day they live it, but to say you can protect your wife and your children, is a lie.  How many times has Carly been shot, kidnapped and Michael was shot because of the mob and Sonny didn’t make any effort to leave the mob.  His children were kidnapped and he didn’t make a move to change his life.  Now Jason has a child and he is in the mob deeper than he ever was before.  He has no intention of leaving the mob and he says he loves Elizabeth and Jake?  When was the last time he even saw Jake?  Does he ask about him?  No.

If GH had allowed the Quartermaines to raise Michael, he probably wouldn’t be in a coma.  But Carly being the selfish person that she is, made the decision that was not in the best interest of her child.  She brought that child into a lifestyle that was dangerous for anyone and took the risk of her child’s life for what?  Because she didn’t want AJ to have him?  She manipulated, schemed, and framed AJ until he signed his rights away.  She didn’t want the Quartermaines to get their claws into him?  I don’t see what would have been so wrong to have AJ be a father to his son.  Michael would have had a better life with the Q’s and out of danger and not be in the coma he is in, had she put Michael first instead of herself.

Elizabeth should have been taking notes from Carly but instead she is doing what Carly did and putting her needs before her children.  As with Carly, I have zero sympathy for this character.  No child, fictional character or not, deserves to live a life in danger.  A parent’s responsibility is to take care of their children and protect them at all costs.  I don’t see Carly or Elizabeth taking that responsibility by being with Sonny or Jason.

If the writers were smart they would have Lucky step in and demand he take custody of both children, if Elizabeth wants to be with Jason. Lucky has rights to those children, he is their father and should be the one to step up and take action.  Biology or not, Cameron and Jake know Lucky as their father and in my opinion, it’s his duty to take responsibility if Elizabeth won’t because of her selfish ways.  But God forbid anyone takes a stand against Jason and live to tell about it. Instead these writers have dumbed down Lucky and made him into someone many of his fans don’t even recognize.

Jason will yet again play hero and save the day alongside Sam, and how much do you want to bet, it will be Sam who saves Jake and Elizabeth will have to be grateful to the woman who at one time did nothing to save the same child from a kidnapper. I don’t know about you, but this is not what I will be watching this November sweeps. Sorry GH, you blew it, yet again.

Maybe if you show females with strength, independence, and with some self respect you might find your viewers would tune back in to watch this dreary and dismal mob over-saturated show.

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