GH's Holiday Season Promo For 2009

GH's Holiday Season Promo For 2009

An exciting new future, undying loves and true love rediscovered this holiday season on General Hospital!

In the fall, boards were abuzz with excitement over GH’s promo which highlight what would be happening. Unfortunately fans were led to believe one thing when the complete opposite happened on screen in some instances.

Now GH has a new promo highlighting what’s to come for 2009 and it previews what is on the horizon:


An exciting new future awaits Robin & Patrick as they finally get married.

A convenient marriage with Sonny & Claudia – who makes the first move?

An undying love is rekindled with Jason & Sam, Liz & Lucky

True love is rediscovered  with Carly & Jax

A holiday dream comes true for Spinelli & Maxie

A love that knows no boundaries with Johnny & Lulu

And a new year full of surprises when Natalia Livingston returns to General Hospital as a new character named Rebecca.