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B&B Previews: Week of December 22


B&B Spoilers: Week of December 22

Eric urges everyone to come together for the holidays.

A Forrester Christmas

Brooke can’t help but notice that Rick is still blaming himself for Phoebe’s death. Rick decides to leave LA and go to work at Forrester International. Brooke pleads with Rick to stay and he eventually agrees. Ridge is not pleased that Rick is staying in LA. Brooke tries to get Ridge to see that it is the best for everyone that Rick stays. Rick goes to see Phoebe’s grave. Taylor is also there. The two share an intense moment at the gravesite. Stephanie tries again to pit Ridge and Brooke against each other. The two reach an impasse. Will Stephanie succeed in driving them further apart?

Stephanie wants to gather everyone together for Christmas. Ridge convinces Taylor that she come to the Forrester Christmas. Thorne is torn between Eric and Stephanie. Eric makes a promise to Thorne. Rick arrives at the Forrester’s for Christmas. The already thick tension is made worse by his arrival. Eric urges everyone to come together for the holidays. Ridge makes a speech about family. Rick is moved by Ridge’s speech. Rick thanks Ridge for not pressing charges against him.

Nick plays a practical joke and it goes too far. Nick gives Katie an expensive gift. A passionate reunion is kept secret. Donna proves to be selfless. Bridget reveals important information to Steffy. Steffy pays a surprise visit to Rick who draws comfort from her visit. An unexpected marriage proposal is made. Stephanie’s world is turned upside down as Donna is confronted with her worst nightmare.

B&B will be preempted on December 25th.

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