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This viewer says “no deal” on a reunion for General Hospital’s Jason & Sam.

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With rumors swirling about a possible Jason & Sam reunion on ABC’s General Hospital, I’ve been asked whether or not I would support them reuniting. As much as I’d like to say yes, I can’t.

The relationship between Jason and Sam was one of my favorites. I showed my love for them by sporting Jason and Sam avatars and banners, calling into GH’s comment line and writing into the magazines for them. The idea that Jason finally had an equal, a “ride or die” chick was really cool to me. Unlike past relationships where Jason’s loves couldn’t accept the danger or didn’t feel like they were truly in on his life, this wasn’t the case with Sam. Though they didn’t like each other initially, they bonded and Jason trusted Sam with his life and vice versa.  Were they propped? Sure they were. All GH couples are at one point or another, but I didn’t care. I loved them.

All of that changed in 2006 after the summer of sleaze. Sam slept with Ric (which Alexis and Jason witnessed); Liz walked in on Lucky with Maxie. Jason was pissy (even though he had broken up with Sam “for her own good” and pushing her away decided he wanted her back), Lizzie was angry. Liz climbed 15 flights of stairs in a blackout to seek comfort from Jason.  Did she intend to sleep with Jason? Probably not, but things happen. Even with all of this foolishness (and as pissed as a fan of all the couples involved), I was willing to accept a reunion of Liz/Lucky and Jason/Sam at the time. Things were strained but weren’t beyond repair.

This is where my problem begins. As far as Sam was concerned, things were getting back to normal between her and Jason. They were working on putting the past behind them and focusing on their future. All wasn’t what it seemed. Jason began an ongoing emotional affair with Elizabeth after reconciling with Sam. If that wasn’t enough, he suspected he was the father of Elizabeth’s then unborn child and proposed to her on many occasion! When he did find out he was the father of her baby, he didn’t tell Sam. Instead he kept it secret, willing to allow Lucky to be the father of the child because Elizabeth asked him to. Fast forward a few months, Sam finds out the truth and is distraught. Instead of confronting Jason for lying to her, the girl went bat shit crazy. Oh, and Sam’s added backstory of marrying men for their money and scamming them caused Jason to doubt whether or not Sam really loved him.

Jason and Sam argue. Jason threatens Sam

Sam began manipulating situations with Jason, allowing his and Elizabeth’s child to get kidnapped and refusing to let them use her show to appeal to the kidnappers, later declaring her actions as “a moment of weakness.” Oh and let’s not forget hiring goons to scare Elizabeth and her children in the park. The icing on the cake? Jason threatening to kill Sam if she went near his child or Elizabeth again.

After all that I’m supposed to cheer on a Jason & Sam reunion? I’m just supposed to forget the hack job done to them right? Am I supposed to forget the lies, the threats, the manipulations, the emotional affair, and the secrets? I don’t think so. With all the progress Sam has made as a character with Lucky, to have her revert back to the co-dependent, “I’m nothing without him” mob moll she turned into with Jason isn’t something I’d like to see. Lucky has brought out the best in Sam and I think they’re good together.

This sweeps we were treated to Jason and Sam working together against Jerry and the Russians. Sam promised to lay her life down to protect Elizabeth and the children, apologizing for the horrible things she did during her “lapses of judgment.” Acknowledging her wrongdoing and understanding how it feels to be worried about a missing child. Of course Sam will get to save the day by bringing home the little innocent one. It’s not like Sam hasn’t apologized for her actions before, this just reeks of an attempt to purify Sam by having her play hero. Why I ask? Her relationship with Jake’s public daddy (Lucky) is great, Elizabeth allows Sam to be around her children and Jason well…he blinks a lot. What are the true motives for having Sam continue to apologize? To have Sam get a taste of working with Jason again, to play hero. I suspect for what may be on the horizon. Jake’s three parents may have moved past what happened in the summer of 2007, but now all can be forgiven.

No amount of having Sam play hero and Jason crediting Sam for Jake’s rescue will make me want JaSam. No amount of resurging feelings or Jason worship will make that feeling come back. Nothing will excuse or forgive the way Jason and Sam treated each other. Nothing will excuse or forgive the things they said and did. Nothing will ever make that happen.

I’m sure some will reduce my stance to me just being a “bitter Liason fan.” That couldn’t be farther from the truth. I fought long and hard to hold on to my love for Jason & Sam. However I moved on, as did many fans. GH isn’t known for having its relationships end on good terms. Under different circumstances I might feel differently, but for this former JaSam fan, I vote no.

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COMING SOON: Liason and LuSam – Over Before It Began? I talk the never ending stall/push-pull/angst with Jason & Elizabeth. Also, what does the future hold for Lucky and Sam?

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