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DAYS Previews: Week of December 8


DAYS Spoilers: Week of December 8
Nicole fears EJ will leave her if he learns the truth.

DAYS Spoilers: Week of December 8
Sunday, December 7, 2008, 5:00 PM

Nicole Schemes To Keep Her Secret

Nicole continues to fear that EJ will leave her because she miscarried. She will go to desperate lengths to keep her miscarriage a secret from everyone. When Brady finds out that Nicole wants to adopt a baby, he tells Nicole to tell EJ the truth about the miscarriage or he will. Nicole gets her hands on some drugs and slips them into Brady’s drink in an effort to stop him from revealing the truth. Brady isn’t the only one that Nicole has to worry about. Rafe is very close to discovering Nicole’s secret. Nicole’s search for a surrogate mother is successful. Max apologizes to a surprised Nicole and because of Max, she starts to scheme again. Sami tries to escape from Rafe again. Sami thinks that Rafe is in danger because of her. EJ says goodbye to Sami. Stefano tries to convince EJ to marry Nicole so that the DiMera heir will stay in the family. Will EJ listen to his father and take the plunge with Nicole?

Elsewhere in Salem…

Before the operation, Lucas tells Kate that he and Chloe are engaged. Kate’s reaction is not what Lucas had anticipated. Chloe is taken to the hospital for a pre operation test where she runs into Daniel. Even though she is committed to Lucas and Daniel is committed to Kate, the Chloe and Daniel can’t deny that they are attracted to one another. The following day when Chloe goes for her bone marrow procedure, her blood pressure is elevated. Will the operation to save Kate’s life be allowed to continue?

John runs into Dr Charlotte Taylor in the park. The two sit together and John confides in her. Kayla notices that Marlena is jealous of the new doctor. Marlena is stunned to discover that she will be sharing an office with Dr. Taylor…Phillip asks Stephanie out on a date, much to a jealous Melanie’s chagrin. Phillip and Stephanie come close to a kiss which Melanie observes. Determined to win Phillip for herself, Melanie locks Stephanie in a vault. Melanie runs to Max and tells him about Stephanie and Max.

Can’t Miss …

John finds Brady with cocaine on Monday, December 8. Is Brady still hooked on drugs?

Brady issues a warning to Nicole on Tuesday, December 9.

The mayor’s killer has his target set on Rafe on Friday, December 12.

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