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OLTL Previews: Week of January 26


OLTL Spoilers: Week of January 26

Starr is called to the stand to testify.

Birds on a Wire

Talia and Antonio realize Todd suspects Lee is wired (for sound) and they take action. Tea is doing her best to reel the truth from Lola about her mother’s death, but is interrupted to throw Todd a lifeline. Todd assures Tea there is no one else who can incriminate him, but Schuyler’s letter from his mom may be revealing. Todd warns Tea not to attack Starr on the witness stand, but Tea has another plan. She tells Starr about Todd’s suicide attempt and exploits her guilt. Schuyler approaches Todd and Blair. Starr shares her mixed feelings about potentially sending her father to prison for life with Schuyler, but shakes things up when she’s called to the witness stand. Todd swears his baby girl won’t suffer more because of him. Lee panics and Wes is enraged when they each see the story Todd and Tea planted in the Sun detailing the highpoints of Lee’s prior crimes. Marty warns Lee. Lee escapes from the safe house.

Hope Springs Eternal

Dorian plans to give up her worldly possessions . . . to Moe. Jared discovers that Dorian knows the truth about David and hires Rex to investigate. Dorian tries to trick David into giving up his future earthly goods to a charity which diverts back to her, but she’s foiled by Rex.

Jessica believes she’s integrated, but Dr. Levin puts her to the Tesst by hypnotizing her to draw out her alters. Bess successfully subdues Tess and reveals only what she wants Dr. Levin to know. Dr. Levin asks Natalie to bring Chloe to visit Jessica at St. Ann’s. Over Natalie’s objections, Viki takes Chloe to Jessica, who is convinced she’s integrated. Viki is suspicious because Jess doesn’t have all Tess’s memories, but Dr. Levin believes that they will come in time. Jessica returns home to face Bree’s strong attachment to Natalie.

Elsewhere in Llanview

Michael and Marcie mourn lost hope. Cole confronts Matthew about his missing stash but also preaches to Matthew to “just say no.” Matthew points out Cole’s hypocrisy and Cole promises Matthew he’ll get rid of the pills, but he defiantly pops another in front of Langston and Starr. Cole gets more pills from Asher.

Can’t Miss …

Tea plays hardball with Antonio on Monday, January 26.

Natalie confesses her fears about Jessica to Rexon on Tuesday, January 27.

Cole attacks Wes at Rodi’s on Wednesday, January 28.

Jessica and Brody share an emotional goodbye on Thursday, January 29.

Natalie accuses Jessica of being a danger to her children on Friday, January 30.

Coming Soon: Week of 2/02

Tea takes drastic measures to get Todd out of a jam, and Starr explains her choices to Langston. Nora makes a smooth legal move. Clint decides David should know the truth. Dorian continues to scheme. Jessica draws the line with Natalie. Jessica begins to recall Tess’s memories. Blair warns Marty to stay away from John. Wes looks like a murder suspect.

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