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AMC Spoilers: Week of January 26

Ryan grows suspicious of Dr. Sinclair and her care of Annie.

The Doctor is in the House

Ryan and Greenlee grow suspicious of Dr. Sinclair. Dr. Sinclair is bent on proving that Annie is faking her psychosis. Dr. Sinclair takes over Aidan’s care. Aidan continues to coach Annie. Ryan and Greenlee share their suspicions with Tad. Tad agrees to look into Dr. Sinclair’s past. Tad meets with Dr. Sinclair and pretends that he is a reporter to get information from her. Dr. Sinclair sees through Tad and confronts Ryan and Greenlee about it. Annie’s anxiety gets worse the longer that Aidan is away. Sinclair presses Annie to tell her that she killed Richie. Annie is relieved to see Aidan again. Dr. Sinclair finds it suspicious that Aidan did not reveal any information after his electric shock therapy. Dr. Sinclair injects Aidan with truth serum. Will Aidan spill the beans about him and Annie?

Who’s The Daddy?

Jake warns Amanda about David and what will happen if he is the father. JR confides in Colby that Amanda is pregnant with his child. JR comforts Amanda, which angers David. Amanda approaches Greenlee and Ryan with a proposition. David figures out that Amanda is pregnant. JR visits Babe’s grave. David angers JR regarding the father of Amanda’s baby. David demands a DNA test. Amanda goes into panic mode. Ryan and Greenlee come to a decision.

Headed for Heartbreak

David gives Krystal divorce papers to give to Tad. Krystal is furious with David. Krystal bumps into Tad and he sees the divorce papers. Tad gets frustrated with Krystal when she claims that she doesn’t know what she wants. David pulls out all the stops to convince Krystal that he is in love with her. Tad signs the divorce papers. Krystal breaks down. Tad tries to convince Krystal that David drugged her to get Little A. Krystal can’t resist David. Kathy hears Krystal and Tad fighting.

Elsewhere in Pine Valley…

Bianca and Reese see each other in their wedding dresses. Erica predicts bad luck for the couple. At the wedding shower, Erica reveals that Reese’s mother Claire and Greenlee’s mother Mary are coming. Reese and her mother argue. Zach defends Reese and Claire leaves. Reese confides in Zach again. Brot takes a job at Pine Valley Hospital and helps soothe Emma who has a slight burn. Jake sees Taylor at Confusion. The two discuss what could have been between them.

Can’t Miss …

Zach accidently walks in on a naked Reese

Greenlee has a nightmare about Annie stabbing Ryan

Angie refuses to plead guilty and is furious with Jesse

Greenlee and Bianca visit Kendall

Kendall wakes up and her family rejoices

Bianca tells Kendall the truth about Gabrielle

Coming Soon: Week of 2/02

Kendall is stunned by Bianca’s news and is uneasy with Zach and Reese. Frankie comes through for Amanda. Kathy is missing. Jesse, Tad and Jake scheme to bring down David. Aidan is determined to discover what Dr. Sinclair’s tie to Richie is. Greenlee grows more scared as every day goes by.

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