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Deadly Toxin Kills on General Hospital


Deadly Toxin Kills on GH

A deadly toxin is released into the air and threatens patients and staff.

This week on General Hospital, a life and death situation occurs at the hospital, unbeknownst to the staff and residents of Port Charles. “It’s business as usual,” says Leslie Charleson in the recent issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Patrick (Jason Thompson) is worried about his wife Robin (Kimberly McCullough) and her denying she could have Post Partum Depression, then an emergency happens at the hospital. Patrick’s brother, Matt (Jason Cook), offers to take the patient and allow Patrick to go home and deal with Robin. Matt and his surgical team of Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), Lelya (Nazanin Boniadi), Dr. Andy Archer (Ron Melendez) and Monica (Leslie Charleson) are working against the clock and cannot wait for the xrays and tests on the patient who needs emergency surgery. The team is making a deadly mistake and it is Patrick discovers there is a problem with the xrays and realizes the team has made a deadly error. Just as Matt makes the first incision, Patrick rushes into the operating room to try to stop the surgery. As Thompson tells it, “When they cut him open, they nick one of the spheres holding the biotoxin. So it leaks out and becomes airborne in the OR. Matt tries to get everyone out, but it’s too late. Within a few seconds, everyone is on the floor.”

Meanwhile, in another part of the hospital, a fundraiser for Michael Corinthos III is being held in the boardroom. Once the toxins were released, they found their way through the ventilation system of the hospital. Those in the boardroom are exposed to the toxins and before they know it, they become effected. Kate (Megan Ward) is about to tell the secret Claudia (Sarah Brown) has been keeping from Sonny, but before she can tell, she collapses to the floor. Others are also overwhelmed by the toxins and are rushed to another part of the hospital by Jason Morgan (Steve Burton).

The hospital is quarantined, and Patrick returns to the OR to retrieve the other spheres from the patient’s corpse. The doctors discover the toxins can cause suffocation just as Elizabeth takes a turn for the worse. After learning Elizabeth’s condition, a frantic Lucky (Greg Vaughan) breaks into the hospital to get to her. While Lucky sits by Elizabeth’s bedside, Jason and Sam (Kelly Monaco) cannot help but notice the reconnection happening between Elizabeth and Lucky. Leaving Elizabeth with Lucky, Jason and Sam head to the Observation room and realize there is a sphere missing from the corpse. “Only one of the spheres were cut open,” says Thompson. “So all this damage was done by one of those things, yet there are only four left and one is missing. He doesn’t know who took it. There are no leads. The severity of the situation could be drastic. Casualties could be tripled and quadrupled. Patrick and the others don’t know what they’re dealing with. They are not getting the help they need, they are on their own in there.”

A life and death situation for the hospital, tragically one staff member dies, and many are deathly ill. General Hospital’s bio toxin storyline begins this week and is expected to cover the next couple weeks. The catastrophe will affect everyone in town.

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