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AMC Spoilers: Week of January 5

JR is pushed to the edge. Will he do the unthinkable?

Contributing Writer: Tara Blake

A Plan Turned Deadly

JR and Jake confront Krystal about her feelings for David. David prepares more of the drug laden milk and Krystal drinks it. At the casino opening, David and Krystal arrive at the same time. Several people remark that they look like a couple. An upset JR takes a bottle of champagne. Krystal is stunned when she discovers Tad is on his way back to Pine alley. Opal notices the closeness between Krystal and David and she confronts Krystal. Krystal leaves. David follows her soon after. David believes that his plan to take Little A away from JR is going perfectly now that Krystal needs him more and more. At the casino party, JR makes a scene. Amanda takes JR make to the yacht with her.

Amanda pleads with JR to stop drinking but JR ignores her. Colby tries to help sober JR up but he lashes out at her. Amanda leaves the yacht to meet with David and when she returns, JR is gone and all she finds is a bloodied oar. JR is at Wildwind, trying to get David to admit that he is using Krystal to get Little A away from him. JR gets increasingly violent with David. Meanwhile Opal accuses Krystal of having an affair with David. Surprisingly, Krystal opens up to Opal. Krystal goes to Wildwind and is shocked by what she sees. David dares JR to shoot him. Krystal watches in horror as JR decides what to do next.

Will Zach & Reese Pass Bianca’s Test

Bianca becomes extremely vexed when Erica voices her concern about Reese spending so much time alone with Zach. Meanwhile, Reese can’t help but be affected by her close proximity to Zach while putting the finishing touches on the casino renovations. Bianca’s suspicions rise when she finds Reese and Zach spending more time together at the casino. Reese assures Bianca that Erica is completely off base about her and Zach. A concerned Reese later tells Zach they can no longer be friends. Erica still believes that there’s something funny going on between Reese and Zach. Bianca can’t help thinking that there’s more than what meets the eye with Zach and Reese. Reese tells an unconvinced Greenlee about Bianca’s fears while Bianca confides in Ryan.

Greenlee reads into the dynamic between Zach and Reese. Bianca sets her plan in motion and decides to leave town for a brief trip, leaving Zach and Reese alone together. Bianca has a change of heart after Ryan and Greenlee point out that she’s only asking for trouble if she’s trying to test Zach and Reese’s limits. Erica confronts Reese and Zach with her own suspicions. Bianca spies on Zach giving an upset Reese a comforting embrace, while she’s supposed to be out of town.

Elsewhere In Pine Valley….

Erica is displeased to see that Ryan and Greenlee are back together. Pete hires a call girl to try and make Colby jealous. Taylor sets a romantic mood and Brot lets his guard down. Opal tells Ryan and Greenlee they simply cannot get married. Krystal admits to David that she doesn’t love Tad the way she loves him. Ryan and Greenlee decide to throw caution to the wind and get married anyway. Angie learns that Rebecca’s tumor may have stabilized. A stunned Brot learns that Taylor can stand on her own two feet. Opal races to Wildwind and gets an eyeful when Tad returns home sooner than expected. Bianca and Reese decide to have a double wedding with Greenlee and Ryan.

Can’t Miss

Erica lets her feelings known when she discovers that Ryan and Greenlee are back together on Monday January 5th.

Krystal makes a stunning admission to David on Tuesday January 6th.

Brot is shocked when he sees that Taylor is farther along in her recovery and she admits that she doesn’t want him to leave town on Wednesday January 7th.

Opal discovers that Krystal is taking drugs on Thursday January 8th.

Bianca catches Zach and Reese in an embrace on Friday January 9th.

Coming Soon: Week of 1/12

Tad demands the truth. Opal questions Krystal about David. Angie and Jake team up in an effort to take down David. Aidan makes a promise to Annie that he will always be there for her. Aidan tells Annie what to say to Dr. Sinclair. Aidan is almost caught. Josh vows revenge on Zach. Randi’s past rears it’s ugly head. Amanda buys a pregnancy test. David has bad news for Zach.

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