B&B Previews: Week of January 5

B&B Spoilers: Week of January 5

Donna confesses her role, or lack thereof with the creation of the showstopper bikini.

This Week on The Bold and The Beautiful:

The fashion show is a success. Donna is upset over the success of the showstopper bikini. She didn’t design it and has to confess to Eric who really did. Donna and Stephanie exchange angry words after Stephanie issues a statement to the press. Eric shocks everyone when he hires Pam to work for Donna on the surf line. Pam makes sure that Donna doesn’t forget it. Donna and Bridget talk. Donna gives Bridget a gift and suggests that Owen might like it. Bridget decides to stop by Owen’s house and is stunned by what she finds. Bridget is embarrassed and flees.

Ridge brings Brooke to a place close to their heart: the site on the Malibu beach where their first wedding was held. Ridge has gone all out in an attempt to make this wedding a very romantic ceremony for the two of them. The two lovers reminisce about the past. Soon, Ridge and Brooke declare their love for one another before God as they recite their vows. Brooke and Stephanie face off. Steffy agrees to go to Big ear with Marcus. Pam finds a new friend.

Can’t Miss

Rick and Stephanie demand Eric to make a decision on Monday January 5th

Someone is caught off-guard with an unexpected proposal on Thursday January 8th

Ridge and Brooke steam things up on Friday January 9th.

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